Fed up of pretty little things and playing nice? Or do you have a naughty streak and want to unleash your inner punk rocker. Whatever the scenario it’s time to accessories with some uber cool rebellious and alternative products.

Skulls, Spikes and everything nice, yes we’re dedicating today’s post to what may freak the parentals out. So, go on and turn heads with our fun punk inspired products

1. Is That Water Spiked?

Do away with the ordinary because this silicon spiked bottle is what what bottle dreams are made of. The mint green colour along with the all round spikes is a perfect balance between pretty and punk. LOVE!

Mama And Peaches Spiked Glass Bottle
Rs. 999



2. Start Something

Start a revolution – we couldn’t have said it better. Whether you’re championing women’s rights or fighting for the animals, whatever the cause this backpack is a nice reminder to start something.

Black is Black Backpack
Rs. 11,999


3. Good Vibes only Please

A great phone case that speaks our mind when we need to ward off some of those negative vibes. Carry this with you wherever you go, and when ever you feel like you need to say this, just flash them them your phone.

Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Phone Case

Rs. 699


4. Collar Details

Add a little punk to your regular work clothes with this guitar brooch. It’s a hint of the rebellious without getting you into too much trouble with the office’s formal work attire.

Guitar Brooch
Rs. 399


5. Lip Service

Why have a regular old Gold Sling bag, when you can make it a talking piece with giant lusty lips on there? This one is sure to make the head turn.

Bag Lip Sling
Rs. 2000


6. Business Savvy

Rock up to the boardroom with some serious skull bling on your cuffs. These skull cufflinks will liven up any outfit , but do you really have the confidence to pull this off?

Skull Cufflinks
Rs. 599


7. A Must Have

Can you really call yourself a punk rocker if you don’t have some leather bracelets? Well get on the jewellery bandwagon with this leather bracelet and infinity sign detail.

Leather Infinity Bracelet
Rs. 399


8. Can Never Have Too Many Skulls

A bad boy has to have a skull decanter in his bar cabinet. This 350ml skull decanter is the perfect way to store your tequila. Pro tip, for extra fire, add a red chilly to the decanter and turn that shot into a flaming one!

Skull Decanter 350ml
Rs. 859


Stand out from the crowd with these alternative products that will add a little punk rock to your daily life. What’s great about this list is that the products are subtle and not too in OTT, so that even a girly-girl can pull off these items.