There are so many incredible shows on TV and the internet right now that it’s impossible not to be addicted to watching them. If you love binge-watching TV shows as much as we do, then pay attention to this blog! Yes, we’re going to be giving you our definitive list of ‘Binge-Watch Essentials.’

We want your binge-watching experience to be a convenient and pleasant one so that you focus on all the major events happening in your favourite series. Having everything you need around you means that you can sit back and enjoy, without distractions!

1. Eat And Watch!

Whether you’re prepping food or getting the popcorn ready, this container allows you to watch your show doing all of that. This three-in-one product is a bowl, a strainer and a phone stand – so you can wash your fruit and eat it all while binge-watching your TV show. Whoever thought of this product is a genius!

Bowl With Phone Stand
Rs. 450


2. Pop it!

Move over popcorn, we got a super delicious popped chip snack that is going to change your world. This crispy snack is made from 100% whole corn and black, brown and red rice. It’s gluten-free, cholesterol-free and baked, not fried. So, go ahead a make this your go-to binge watching snack!

Popped Chips – BBQ
Rs. 100


3. Coffee Breaks

If you’re trying to recap all the previous seasons of ‘Game Of Thrones’ you’re going to need to stay awake. Don’t waste time preparing a cup of coffee every few hours, instead make a big brew and store it in this vacuum flask that comes with a cup. Caffeine Fix – SORTED!

Vacuum Flask
Rs. 649


4. Get Comfy!

This plush hoodie is everything a binge-watching junkie needs. It’s soft, comfortable and has pockets for your phone and remote control. Unlike a normal blanket, you can curl up in this big hoodie for hours and feel nice and tucked in without having to keep adjusting yourself.

Hoodie Blanket
Rs. 1499


5. Power Up!

Let’s face it, we need our phones to give live updates, order pizza, take a binge-watching selfie and maybe even drop a spoiler! All this activity requires a lot of battery especially if you’ve been on the couch watching TV for hours. Get yourself this cute rainbow-poop-emoji power bank and your phone will always be juiced up!

Poop Power Bank
Rs. 1699


6. Phone Binge

There is nothing worse than those arm and wrist cramps from holding the phone for hours while binge watching shows. Good thing someone invented this cute cat phone stand that will hold up your phone for you! Now you can watch all those shows hands-free and be charmed by your cheeky cat stand.

Cat Phone Stand
Rs. 245


7. Keep Hydrated

Time for some real talk. If you plan on spending more than 2 hours watching your favourite TV show, then you need to keep hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink water while binge-watching, which is also super bad for you. Keep your body hydrated by having a bottle of water near you at all times so you can keep hydrated all throughout your movie marathon.

Glass Fox Ear Bottle
Rs. 999


8. Cushion Support

‘Namas’tay in Bed’ and keep watching TV! Set up your couch or bed with some comfy cushions because you know you’re going to need the back support. If you’re binge-watching for hours on end make sure to have a few cushions around so that you can position yourself just right amongst all of them.

Stay In Bed Cushion
Rs. 950


9. Remote King

Isn’t it annoying when you can’t find the remote, and you’re trying to pause the show for a toilet break? Don’t go hunting for all the multiple remotes you need when you’re hours deep into a binge session. This remote holder stores all the remotes you need in one place so you can conveniently find them whenever you want.

Multiple Remote Holder
Rs. 600


10. Travel Binge

The best time to binge watch TV shows is while travelling in our opinion – especially if you’re not big on reading. This phone stand can be fixed to most surfaces making it easy to watch all your shows hands-free. Don’t let a little travel stop you from missing out on all that excitement!

Phone Holder Stand
Rs. 470


Now that we’ve given you some binge-watching essentials go and get shopping! We know you’re going to spend all weekend tucked away and watching whatever you’re currently addicted to! If we missed something, do head to PropShop24 to search for it, we’re sure you’ll find it there as we add new products every week.

Happy Propping!

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Feature Image courtesy JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash