Ever wish you were armed with the right words at the right time? Well, we have had many situations where looking back we wished we had said something that really summed up an argument or made our point.

No matter the occasion it’s always handy to have the right quote to convey a message in a few choice words. Here are some of our favourites.

Lucky for us we have many quotes that we’ve been memorizing to keep in our arsenal for when we next need them. Whether it is a mantra you need to remind yourself of or an anger filled retort, these one-liners will help you out, no matter the situation!

1. Make Today Count

Get active and stand up for those who can’t use their voices.  Don’t just talk about today’s issues, be part of the change and ‘make today count.’

Make Today Count Mug
Rs. 390 



2. Punch Today In The Face

Why feel deflated by a bad day or a week of bad luck, remind yourself to tackle the big and small issues with all you’ve got. Go ahead and ‘Punch today in the Face!’ The right attitude can solve any problem.

Punch Today Tray
Rs. 1100



3. C’Mon!

Wake up and rule the day, don’t let anything get you down. The words on this greeting card are giving us major #girlboss vibes. Know someone who needs this right now? Send them this card and we’re sure they’ll appreciate it.

C’mon Greeting card
Rs. 190



4. Things Are Totally Gonna Work Out

Bad fights with the BFF or a misunderstanding at work, just breathe – ‘Things are totally gonna work out’. Things always work out for the best, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Things Are Working Out Cup
Rs. 390



5. Eat, Sleep, Lead, Repeat

Be a role model for everyone out there by having a #girlboss routine – Eat, Sleep, Lead and Repeat! Whether you lead by example or make changes in your life to become a leader, we need more mentors out there.

Eat Sleep Lead Repeat Badge/Magnet
Rs. 200



6. People I Want To Punch In The Face

A great way to express and unpack your feelings is by journaling, this little notebook is perfect for when you just need to let off some steam but not get into trouble. We suggest hiding this burn book if you’re going to be spilling all the juicy details, that you don’t want coming out!

Punch People Notebook
Rs. 250



7. The Future Is Female

Go ahead, write those big ideas into this notebook, because ‘the future is female’. We need more #bosslady vibes in this world. Get one for each of your girlfriends to inspire them to make their dreams a reality.

Future Is Female
Rs. 299


8. She Believed She Could, So She Did

You can do anything, we repeat, you can do anything! Believe in your abilities and your dreams will come true. So, what’s the next step to achieving those goals?

She Believed She Could Phone Case
Rs. 650




9. Be A Voice, Not An Echo

Got an issue you’d like to champion, well, join the conversation or a march because it’s time to ‘Be a voice, not an echo.’ Raise your voice along with the many others out there, so that a resounding message will affect positive change.

Be A Voice Compact Book
Rs 190




10. Inhale, Exhale

When things are truly getting on your last nerve and you need to remain as cool as a cucumber just remember to – Inhale, Exhale! – Then unleash your tornado of wisdom!

Yoga Mat Bag
Rs. 750




11. Just A #GirlBoss Building Her Empire

For all those who still don’t get it. Go on and declare it, you are ‘Just a #GirlBoss building her empire!’ What your ideal empire – fashion, politics, mathematics? Whatever it is we can’t wait to it grow!

Girl Boss Empire frame
Rs. 350



Got a few more choice quotes you’d love to see everywhere? Let us know in the comments, we’re always looking for inspiration!

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