The month of May is known for its scorching heat, and that means one thing – hair updos! These cute hairstyles need a little help keeping things in place, and we know the best way to do that, with hair accessories, ofcourse!

These 10 on-trend hair accessories for summer under a budget are super lust-worthy and will look amazing with your summer outfits and jewellery. Whether you want to use them yourself or gift them to your girlies – you’re going to want to ‘add to cart’ right away!

1. Whimsical

If you’re a fan of the half-up, half-down hairdo, then you’ll love this accessory. Accentuate that classic hairstyle with this hair chain that has dainty leaves on it. Add a whimsical touch to any hairstyle with this accessory. It’s like a bit of jewellery but for your hair!

Hair Chain With Leaves – Gold


2. Snip Snip

The May heat can really drive the best of us to cut it all off. However, don’t literally take a pair of scissors to your hair – especially when you can just clip it all up! These gold scissor clips are quirky and will definitely help keep hair off the back of your neck!

Scissor Clip – Set Of 2
Rs. 249


3. Star Struck

Star motifs are always on-trend, it must be something about how celestial they look. Well, this star and arrow hair stick is no different. Look ethereal with a chic updo using this hair accessory. It’s easy to use and goes well with any summer outfit.

Star And Arrow Hair Stick
Rs. 349


4. May Flowers

Alright, so Coachella may have just gotten over but we’re always in the mood for a floral crown! Summer soirees or pool parties, there is always an occasion to rock up with a bohemian flower crown. This one has a bit of sparkle on it too – what more do you need?

Floral Crown With Rhinestones
Rs. 679


5. Hair Essential

A minimalist hair clip that can hold all your hair up is an absolute must-have for any lady. This one is super sleek and looks good with a messy bun or with an array of other hairstyles. Keep it handy for all those times you need to get your hair off your neck.

Minimalist Clip
Rs. 399


6. Pin Up Curl

These are not your average bobbi-pins, these have coloured stones on them and are made from a metal alloy that makes them durable. Criss-cross them to make a pattern in your hair or simply use them to keep your hair off your face. Either way these are super stylish.

Stone Hair Clips – Set Of 4
Rs. 679


7. Diamonds!

For the girls who love their diamonds, we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of this one. This metallic gold diamond hair clip is super stylish. Whether you choose to wear it like the model in the picture or use it for a side-swept look – it’s a statement maker.

Diamond Hair Clip
Rs. 299


8. Day To Night

Give your hairstyle a quick upgrade with this circle hair stick. It’s the perfect accessory to have in your handbag. It’s especially useful for those occasions when you want to take your hairdo from day to night without much effort. Plus, it’s subtle enough to use it for work or a girl’s night out.

Circle Hair Stick
Rs. 299


9. Hamsa Comb

This hair comb does two things – it adds a little sparkle to your hair and it wards off evil. The Hamsa symbol is known for its protective qualities, which you’ll need because everyone is going to be eying your stylish hairdos this summer!

Hamsa Hair Comb
Rs. 700


10. Glitter Goddess

Let’s be real, you better be sporting a glitter hair-parting for a music festival this summer. It’s rocker-chic, whimsical and super on-trend. These hair glitters are easy to use and wash off easily. Unlike colouring your hair, this is a great way to change up your look.

Hair Glitter – Multicoloured
Rs. 550


Well, there you have it – on trend hair accessories for summer under Rs.1000! When it comes to summer and keeping hair off our necks and faces, these accessories are bang on! If you’re stuck on what to do for your hair, then get inspiration from the 90s – it’s a huge trend right now. Once you’ve got a look you’re after, head on over to PropShop24, we’re bound to have all the hair accessories and hair care products you’ll ever need!

Happy Summer and Happy Propping!

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Feature Image Courtesy Autumn-Goodman, Unsplash