Have you ever seen those beautifully curated pictures of products on Instagram and Pinterest that just grab your attention? Well, chances are they’ve been styled by a product stylist. It takes a creative mind and a unique perspective to be a product stylist, both of which Gayatri Jhaveri Patel possesses.

If you follow Le 15 Patisserie, AA Living and Fizzy Goblet on Instagram, then you’re already familiar with Gayatri’s work. Her dream was to have a creative career and be involved with something that would excite her enough to go back to it every Monday morning – product styling fell into that sweet spot.

Besides her product styling work, she is an avid traveller, who loves to shop and eat french fries! Now, that you’ve got a brief idea about who Gayatri is, let’s find out a little more about her.

PropShop24: When people think of a ‘stylist’ they often think fashion, however, you’re a product stylist, how would you best describe what you do?
Gayatri Jhaveri Patel: Just like your attention would be drawn to a model who is well styled and presented, my job is to make the product look its best. I create aesthetically pleasing content, mainly used for social media promotion. I aim at telling a visual story with every photograph.

PS24: Why did you want to step into the world of product styling, what drew you to it?
GJP: Growing up, I always had an inclination towards all things art. I went on to do two courses in Graphic Design in Mumbai. I realised that my passion lies in creating meaningful compositions and I turned that passion into my profession.

PS24: We’re totally crushing on your Instagram feed, what are some tips you can share with us, for people who want to elevate their posts?
GJP: The most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that ‘Less Is More.’ Next would be to keep in mind – the combination of the right props, placement, lighting and colours to enable the right kind of eye movement. A photograph will only create the right effect if it’s properly balanced and not too cluttered.

PS24: When you get a brief from a client for a shoot – are you immediately hit with inspiration or do you have a process that you go through to achieve what the client wants?
GJP: There definitely is a process. I begin by identifying the target audience and then go on to do research about the brand and then there’s brainstorming, of course. Once I have everything in place, I start planning the shoot.

PS24: If you had the opportunity to work with your top 3 dream brands, who would they be and why?
GJP: Wow, it’s my dream to style for Dior because of their iconic designs and their history. Chanel because it’s a brand I’ve always admired – so much so that I’ve read extensively about Coco Chanel. Lastly, Estee Lauder because, I love, not only their products but also their packaging. Ever since I started styling, Le 15 Patisserie and AA Living has always been on my wishlist. I’m so elated that they are now on my list of clients.

PS24: As a traveller, what are some products you always pack with you, so that you can look stylish on holiday?
GJP: I love travelling and there are some products that are constants in my bag – a hat, a cool pair of sunglasses, lots of rings, bracelets, footwear and a bandana.

PS24: Tell us a lesser known destination that you would love to travel to, why?
GJP: I’ve been lucky enough to go to Exuma, Eleuthera and Turks & Caicos for my honeymoon. Those were places that I’ve always wanted to visit. However, next on my list is Belize in Central America, can’t wait to explore that piece of paradise!

PS24: As a product stylist you must be on the lookout for unique products, is that how you stumbled across PropShop24?
GJP: Yes of course! I’m always on a quest for all kinds of props and PropShop24 has a very well curated repertoire.

PS24: Which is your favourite category on PropShop24 right now, why?
GJP: My favourite category at the moment is Home Accessories. The website has an array of quirky and unusual products which I use both, for my home and work.

PS24: What are your top three PropShop24 products that you’d love to style a shoot with?
GJP: Here are some of my favourites.

1. Lightbox

I already have one that it comes in handy for many of my shoots. I often use only the letters to style the image.

The Cinematic Lightbox
Rs. 825


2. Pineapple Trinket Dish

I have always loved trinket dishes. This one’s become my favourite because it adds a lot of aesthetic value to an image.

The Pineapple Trinket Dish
Rs. 700


3. The Brass Terrarium

Terrariums lend a touch of class to any photo. I like using them it in multiple ways for shoots. Apart from putting succulents in them, I sometimes fill them with fairy lights or candles.

Brass Terrarium
Rs. 2596


Thanks For The Product Styling Tips Gayatri!

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to use her tips and product suggestions to make our Instagram profile look even more poppin’! All it takes is a little bit of creative thinking and a strong vision, if you got that, we’ve got the props to help you achieve your goals. Head to PropShop24 for all your artsy Insta-worthy props that Gayatri has curated herself, we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your aesthetic.

Happy Product Styling and Propping!

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