This month is dedicated to those fiercely loyal, stubborn, practical and hard-working Taureans. Yes, May is their birthday month, and we’ve drawn up a list of birthday gift ideas for these Earth signs.

As you’ll quickly find out, the emerging theme amongst all these gifts is that they are Earthy, practical but also stylish – just like your Taurus born friend. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the list!

1. Pamper Me

Taureans love a good pampering session, whether it’s going to the spa or having a range of beauty products in their home – they’re all about self-love. This luxurious face clay mask is ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of pesky acne and also even out their skin tone.

Kaolin Neem Clay Face Mask
Rs. 314


2. Practical Storage

Our Taurus friend is uber practical and loves a good space saving product. Well then, why not indulge their practical side with these modern looking wall storage organisers. They can use it at the office to store cute stationery or use it in their bedrooms to store their makeup.

Wall Mounted Organiser
Rs. 450


3. Pretty Little Things

Since they are lovers of luxury, one thing is for sure, your Taurean friend probably has tons of fine jewellery. So, why not get them a trinket dish that can display their baubles? This little ceramic trinket dish can store all their treasures and look chic while doing it!

Trinket Dish
Rs. 650


4. Go With The Flow

Taureans tend to be super chill, they love going with the flow and are pretty much open to doing anything. That’s why they need a handbag that is just as easy going and perfect for multiple occasions. They’ll love walking around with this sleek sling bag that is versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit.

Colour Block Sling Bag
Rs. 899


5. Coaster Bliss

This gift hits all the main personality traits of a Taurean – Earthy, practical and stylish. These wooden coasters not only have a purpose but they’re a must-have for any Taurean who loves to host parties. Chances are they already have a set of coasters, but we’re sure they’ll appreciate getting these as they’ve got an Earthy stylish vibe to them.

Wooden Geometric Coasters
Rs. 850


6. Stylish!

The symbol for a Taurus is the bull, and these sunglasses are giving us that ‘catch the bull by the horns’ vibe! They’re super versatile, stylish and make a great birthday gift. After all who doesn’t like getting sunglasses for their birthday!? FYI, these sunglasses are from PropShop24’s new private label called Far Left. We have over 160+ styles so make sure you check them out!

Far Left Sunglasses
Rs. 850


7. Perfectly Groomed

Taureans take care of themselves and indulge in self-care products to keep them impeccably groomed. That’s why this beard and moustache wax will be a hit with your Taurean, especially if he has facial hair. Taureans aside, this is an excellent gift for any bearded man!

Beard And Moustache Wax
Rs. 549


8. Plant Love

Being an Earth sign, your Taurean friend probably loves being surrounded by greenery. So, gift them a stylish planter for their home. If you want extra brownie points, then why not present this planter with their favourite plant in it!? They’ll really be thrilled with that!

Cracker Barrel Planter
Rs. 799


9. Loyalty To The Max

Taureans are probably the most loyal of all the Zodiac signs. They’re your ‘ride or die’ type of friends, who will always have your back. Celebrate that friendship with a meaningful greeting card. Finally, it’s your turn to express your loyalty to them for a change!

Greeting Card
Rs. 100


10. Charming Bracelet

When you’ve run out of ideas, the best birthday gift for a Taurean is some jewellery! This charming bracelet with the Taurus symbol is cute and meaningful. Plus, it’s a piece of jewellery that will go with any day-time outfit!

Taurus Bracelet
Rs. 499


We’re sure your Taurean friends will be thrilled with the birthday gifts! If there is something more unique you’re looking for, head on over to PropShop24, we’re sure you’ll find it there. From homeware to travel accessories, we have it all!

Happy Propping!


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