So, what do we know about Aries? Well for starters, it’s the first sign in the Zodiac, and it’s a fire sign. If you have an Aries man or woman in your life, you’ll find that they tend to be active, passionate, adventurous, authoritative, on-the-move, enthusiastic and confident. Keeping that in mind we’ve come up with a few birthday gift ideas for Aries people.

Here’s what we feel they’d love to get on their birthday and the best part is all the gifts are under Rs. 1500!

1. Charming Necklace

This minimalist Zodiac sign necklace is the perfect gift to give an Aries person, especially if they’re into astrology. If you’re just getting to know the Aries in your life then gifting them a unique jewellery piece like this necklace is a safe bet and a budget-friendly option.

Aries Necklace
Rs. 399


2. Classic Red Lipstick

The colour most commonly associated with the fiery Aries sign, you guessed it, is Red. So, why not give your Aries bestie a lipstick that matches her personality. This lipstick in the colour Red Model is a classic shade of red that every girl needs in her makeup pouch.

Lipstick – Red Model
Rs. 500


3. You Got This!

Even the most confident Aries woman sometimes needs a little reminder that they have things under control. Remind them of this fact with a makeup pouch that has the reassuring quote ‘You got this’ printed on it. Plus, this portable makeup pouch is an essential item for any on-the-go Aries boss lady!

You Got This Makeup Pouch
Rs. 299


4. 90s Chic

When it comes to sunglasses, that 90s style is still very trendy right now. So, if you’re trying to impress your Aries friend then getting them a pair of 90s chic sunnies is the way to go. These red oval-cat-eye shaped sunglasses scream confident and bold, befitting an Aries!

Red Sunglasses
Rs. 499


5. Epic Greeting Card!

Still unsure about gifts for Aries? Then, we suggest showing how much you care with a greeting card that is both witty and cheeky! We’re sure your friend will love the words on this card. However, we’re 100% certain they’ll appreciate the personal note from you even more. Sometimes less is more.

Witty Greeting Card
Rs. 120


6. De-stress Candle

Aries people tend to be leaders that have authoritative, decisive and bawse-like qualities – which can lead to them being stressed all the time. They need to unwind, and a great way to help them de-stress is with a calming candle. This lemongrass, cruelty-free candle will remind them of a spa day and hopefully bring them some peace!

Lemongrass Candle
Rs. 606


7. On The Go!

The smoothie loving Aries in your life is going to go gaga over this next gift. This portable juicer/smoothie bottle allows you to whip up your favourite smoothies on the go. Most Aries are constantly on the move, so being able to make a smoothie in between their hectic schedules is something they’ll appreciate!

Portable Juicer/Smoothie Bottle
Rs. 950


8. Adventurous Aries

Travelling, exploring new destinations and just being an adventurous type of person is one of the most endearing qualities of an Aries. That’s why this mug is the ideal gift idea for Aries people as it shows off their love for being adventurous. Plus, maybe they’ll include you in their next long weekend plan or road trip, now wouldn’t that be fun!

Where Next Mug
Rs. 349


9. Keep Hydrating!

A typical Aries is constantly on the move and loves keeping fit and active! This flask is the perfect gift for them as they can carry their protein shake, water or coffee with them. This ombre flask keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 8 hours. Stylish and useful, now you’re really winning over your Aries’s heart!

Ombre Flask
Rs. 1399


10. Personal Touch

You can never go wrong with a gift that is personalised. We like the idea of gifting travel pouches that have the person’s name on it. Not only is it a thoughtful gift but it’s even more special if you know your person loves to travel and really needs a travel pouch. Your adventurous Aries friend will adore this personalised gift.

Personalised Travel Pouch
Rs. 750


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Feature Image Courtesy Leone Venter on Unsplash