In December we asked you to send us your questions so we could answer them. Well, the questions flooded in and we got right on the task to answer all those FAQs. We’ve tried our best to spill the beans on everything you wanted to know about PropShop24. So, we hope the answers are satisfactory!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Proppers: Who founded PropShop24 and how did it all happen?
Team PropShop24: Amtosh Singh and Utsav Vohra, founded PropShop24 in December of 2012. The idea behind it was to create a one-stop gifting destination.

Amtosh retells his account of how PropShop24 was founded, he remembers that “After a maniac Saturday night, we (friends) were hanging out. It was a hungover Sunday afternoon around March 2012. I don’t remember the details very clearly, but we were probably watching a rerun of Suits. Fed up with our routines and wanting (read: desperate) to start something of our own, we began brainstorming. Everyone contributed and put forth their ideas, and we managed to collaborate them to form a foundation.”

That was just the beginning, starting and running a company like PropShop24 takes time and effort. “The next 6 months were spent creating our business plan and budgets, reaching out to international brands, getting our registrations and paperwork in place – sales tax, company registration, import licenses and what not. Even thinking about it now makes me sweat – the archaic rules! Our focus for the next 3 months was to take care of teething problems, building traffic to the site and acquiring customers. Like all other startups, believe me when I say we had our FAIR share of issues.” says Amtosh.

And that’s how it all started folks! You can read more about Amtosh and Utsav’s triumphs in the blog about ‘The Making of PropShop24.’

P: Do you make all products or curate them?  
TPS24: As our tagline rightly says, we’re the ‘Curators of Cool’. We curate 330+ products each day and every Monday you can see our new collection of quirky and unique products sourced from around the globe and locally. However, a lot of the products like the phone case, canvas totes, laptop bags, laptop sleeves, greeting cards etc are self-produced and exclusively available only on PropShop24. Also, we’re going to be launching a new candle section that will have  exclusively designed and curated products in that category.

P: Any internships available and are there any vacancies?
TPS24: PropShop24 is always interested in cool and smart people who want to join the team. We’re an eccentric bunch of hard-working mavericks, who are consistently trying to push the boundaries of gifting and online marketing. We’re constantly looking out for designers, content writers, marketing gurus, warehouse personnel etc. So, if you feel you have what it takes email us at

P: Do you hire people who can work from home?
TPS24: This is dependent on the type of role, and yes, we do have few work-from-home employees in merchandise and tech. We even have one home-based consultant who handles our content for the blog, since these roles don’t really require constant office time, they can work from home. We’re a modern company and not solely bound to a physical office space or fixed working times. If a fabulous profile comes across our desk that is a great fit for PropShop24, we’re open to the possibilities!

P: Do ya’ll have an app? If not, when will you be launching one?
 Oops, you caught us! We’re currently working on one and we’re hoping to launch the app really soon!

P: Any offline stores?
TPS24: Yes we do have a physical store! The store is located inside the Flea Bazaar Café, which is in the Oasis City Complex, Lower Parel. The complex is full of bars, restaurants & cafes and constantly buzzing with a mix of people from all over Bombay. The space really comes alive on a daily basis post-work hours when employees from all of the offices in the area descend to the space for post-work drinks. While we obviously see more traffic on weekends, weekdays are busy too. This makes it a perfect spot for our first store.

Check out our blog on the launch of the store for all the fun details. Also, do come to visit us!

P: When will you open a store in Pune/Hyderabad?
TPS24: We may or may not have some plans in the pipelines, you’ll just have to keep checking our social media and blogs for any exciting updates. Till then though, you can order all your favourite PropShop24 products online – we love delivering to Pune and Hyderabad!

P: Any upcoming sales?
TPS24: We have a variety of sales at any given time, from flash sales to online promotions. You’ll have to keep following us on our social media to stay updated and not miss out on any upcoming sales.


P: How long does it take for an order to get delivered?
TPS24: Our products take about 10 to 12 working days to be delivered, especially if they are personalised or customised. However, we do have a section on the website that ships within 48 hours, so if you’re in a rush to get a gift we have got you covered.

That was fun!

We might just re-visit this idea in the future. So, keep those questions coming, we’d love to tell you everything you wanted to know about PropShop24. Till next time, check out our fresh batch of curated products that we hope will be the answer to your gifting questions!

Happy Propping!

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