Today we’re having an ultimate battle about what’s better between a big bag versus a small clutch. We’d like to know your preference when it comes to handbags. Are you the type of person who carries their whole world with them and needs a big bag or are you a minimalist who requires only a few things, hence a small bag or clutch will do?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out,  we’ve curated our favourite big bags versus small bags for you to go through. So, at the end of the blog let us know which team you’re radiating more towards.

Team Big Bag

1. Twisted

This faux leather bucket bag is the perfect companion for the office or a casual date. It’s large enough for the important things plus its mustard colour makes it stand out amongst all those other boring handbags. The pretzel-like closure around the opening of the bag gives it a unique look and function too.

Pretzel Bag
Rs. 1800

pretzel bag


2. Keep It Simple

When in doubt, opt for a classic tote bag. Every woman needs one in their handbag repertoire. This one can be taken to the office too, as it’s sombre enough for formal meetings. Also, it’s big enough to fit your laptop in case you should need it whilst on the go.

Classic Tote
Rs 1900

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3. Hello, Pineapples!

Whether you’re a big bag versus small clutch kind of person – sometimes you just need a little fun in your life, and that can happen in the form of this vibrant basket weave handbag. We dare you to wear a formal suit and rock up with this pineapple weave bag on your next girls night out. You’ll be a hit!

Pineapple Bag
Rs 4000

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4. College Cool

For all you college kids, it’s time to ditch the messenger bag and get a playful striped tote bag instead. Say bye to your teens and hello to your 20s with this cute bag that can store all your college books and cosmetics!

Stripe Bow Bag
Rs. 1800

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5. Time For Adventure

Your soul is crying out for adventure, why not give in a little bit with this ‘Escape’ bag. Use it as an overnight bag or use it as a reminder that there are many places you need to escape to and explore. Either way, this big bag will come in handy!

Escape Canvas Bag
Rs. 1699

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Still not convinced – What’s Better Between A Big Bag Vs A Small Clutch?

Team Small Bag

1. Pink Power

Never underestimate the power of a hot pink clutch. This small sling bag has all the makings of a perfect night out, plus it’s super cute, don’t you think? Mobile, lipstick, keys, credit cards and a money clip – this one can store it all.

Hot Pink Sling Bag
Rs. 1500

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2. Shine Bright

Say goodbye to matte finish as this shiny patent leatherette sling bag will turn heads for all the right reasons. Bachelorette vibes anyone? Well, we think so! Plus, this small bag is also a great gift idea for the wild child in your girl group.

Black Patent Leatherette Sling Bag
Rs. 1500

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3. Keep It Classy

Sometimes a little sophistication comes in small packages like this geometric clutch. Carry it in your work bag for post-work drinks or use it when you’re out on a date. Either way, it’s large enough for only the essentials and nothing else. No clutter no stress!

Geometric Sling Bag
Rs. 650

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4. Talk About Cute

If the girly girl in you is dying to come out, then this small bag has your name all over it. It’s lavender, it’s got ruffles, and it’s cute enough to go with all your girly outfits. Talk about the perfect gift for the girlfriend or bestie.

Ruffle Lavender Bag
Rs. 899

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5. Ariana Vibes

Faux fur, cat ears and so much funk – this mini backpack is giving us some major Ariana Grande vibes. If you’re looking for a way to punk up your school outfits, here’s a great way to do it. This mini backpack is going to grab a lot of attention so make sure you dress accordingly!

Mini Cat Backpack
Rs. 1190

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So, What’s Better Between A Big Bag Vs A Small Clutch?

NOTHING! We need them all, big bags and small clutches. There is an occasion for all of them and why should we have to choose between the two teams anyways?! We all have our preferences, but when it comes right down to it, the argument of big bags versus small bags has no definite answer.

Luckily, we have big, small, large, tiny – you name it, we have the bag you’re looking for. So check out our bag section on PropShop24.

Happy Propping!


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