Finally the most exciting part of a family wedding, the time when all the boys get together for one last hurrah. We’re talking about those epic bachelor parties that have now become more like bachelor vacations.

There are so many amazing destinations to go to from Bali to Bangkok or even Las Vegas! However, the one thing all these places have in common, is that you need these awesome products below. We’ve got everything a best man could need to make sure his brother has the time of his life.

1. Sneaky Sips

Immortalise the bachelor trip with a personalised hip flask. This is the perfect gift to give the groom and the groomsmen to commence the trip’s festivities. Plus, it will surely come in handy while partying it up.

Personalised Hip Flask
Rs. 850


2. Men Love Wine Too

Make sure to pack this handy tool kit in the shape of a wine bottle for your trip. You never know when a you might need a corkscrew, stopper and pourer. Plus, when you get back home your girlfriend/wife will be happy to have it.

Wine Bottle Tool Set
Rs. 899


3 .Gold Digger

When you get some down time, hang out with the boys playing some good old teen patti. Instead of playing for money, spice things up by a simple rule – winners get to pick dares for the losers, for the rest of the trip!

Playing Cards – Gold
Rs. 499


4. Put A Ring On It

This could be the second most valuable ring a man will ever wear in his life. Just kidding! But Honestly, this ring is super convenient if you need to quickly open your bottle of beer.  Plus, we’ll sprinkle in a few ‘Cool’ points if you can use this ring with some swag.

Ring Bottle Opener
Rs. 219


5 Damage Control

You know you’re going to be partying it up pretty hard, so why not give yourself a little relief. These hangover pills are said to help protect your liver, so the next day hangover isn’t as brutal as it normally is.

Liv It Up Hangover Shield (20 Capsules)
Rs. 320


6. Pool Time Vibes

The ultimate solution to chilling in the pool is having your drink right next to you. This palm tree floatie is not only super cute but it’ll always be by your side when taking a dive.

Drink Floatie Palm Tree
Rs. 700


7. Time For Some Shut Eye

Got racoon eyes from all that partying, well then, hide them. This Bazinga mask will be a saviour for covering up tired eyes, especially on the flight homeward bound.

Bazinga Eye Mask
Rs. 350



8. Tag It

After a long weekend of absolute debauchery the last thing you want to do is stand in line at the baggage claim trying to identify your bags. Well these nifty Tags will stand out plus they can be personalized – so that you are 100% sure it is your bag.

Personalized Travel Tags
Rs. 800


9. In Case Of Emergency

You never know when you might need a quick band aid or some ointment to mend some wounds (the emotional ones are harder to fix). This travel size first kit is big enough to carry everything you would require, from Delhi-Belly meds to gauze – you’ll be ready.

Travel First Aid Organizer bag
Rs. 549


10. Spill the Beans

Drinkings games are a great way to start off the bachelor weekend. Spill, is one of those games where you not only get to enjoy your cocktails but also really get to know your bros. Plus, it’s small enough to pack in your bag – need more convincing?

Spill Drinking Game
Rs. 1999


11. Slice It Up!

Whether it’s some lime wedges in your tequila or in a cool Corona, this two-in-one opener and slicer will do the trick. Carry it with you to the beach along with your cooler filled with limes and beer, and you boys will be set for a fun day at the beach.

Bottle Opener and Slicer

Rs. 349


Alright, the ultimate bachelor packing list is done and dusted. So, head out with the boys, get your passports and flights ready because a trip of full-on bonding and memories are awaiting you. Just don’t get into too much trouble – play smart.

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