Valentine’s day can bring up a lot of emotions for everyone. Singles want to avoid or disrupt the celebrations and couples are stressed about how to declare their love for each other.

Well, worry not, whether you’re coupled up, polyamorous or single, we’ve got some Valentine’s day gifts for her, him and them. Your relationship status or your gender orientation doesn’t matter when it comes to gifts of love and we like think of these gifts as fun and on a budget! All the gifts for her, him and them on this list are under Rs. 1500, so it won’t break the bank but still pull at the heartstrings.

Let’s have a look at some Valentine’s day gifts for her, him and them under a budget.

1. Set the Mood

Planning a special night with your significant other, then why not set the mood with the right fragrance? After they see your declaration of love on the label, we’re sure they’ll want to ignite the candle and the passion!

Scented Candle – P.S I Love You
Rs. 690

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2. Frame Your Love

Let’s face it, love now days often means sitting in front of the TV or laptop and watching your favourite Netflix series. If that’s your relationship in a nutshell, then this Valentine’s day gift for her, is the right choice for you!

Netflix Frame
Rs. 550


3. Earring Bling

Now here’s an ideal Valentine’s day gift for her or someone who loves earrings. You can never go wrong with jewellery and saying you love someone in the form of a pair of earrings will surely earn you some brownie points. These ‘love hoop’ earrings will make an impression on whomever you give it to. We’ve got tons of fun jewellery so make sure you check out our ‘Jewellery’ section on PropShop24.

Love Earrings
Rs. 499

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4. Stubble Soft

If your boyfriend loves his beard as much as he adores you, then this is probably the best Valentine’s day gift for him. This coffee bean beard oil is said to help stimulate growth and condition the hair right down to the root. Plus the oil is made up of natural or naturally derived ingredients – perfect for any skin type.

Coffee Bean Beard Oil
Rs. 749


5. Watch Out For Hugs

An accessory that immediately ups the style game, who wouldn’t want that? Well, this metallic rose gold watch will do just that and more. It is chic, sophisticated, classy, complements any outfit – oh yeah, it also tells time! An ideal Valentine’s day gift for her or them. Just make sure you’re ready for all the hugs you’re going to get after presenting this gift!

Metallic Rose Gold Watch
Rs. 1099


6. Big Spender!

If your partner has a generous heart and is always shelling out cash on you, his family and mates, then get him this chic wallet. This one has an added advantage of having a certified blocker that protects the contents of the wallet from electronic information theft. It blocks radio waves from sending information to a detector or reader. Make him feel like James Bond with this Valentine’s day gift for him.

Anti-Theft Wallet
Rs. 749


7. Bow Tie Me Up!

If your relationship is all about the unconventional, then why not gift something unique? This wooden bow tie is just the type of Valentine’s day gift for him or them that fits the aforementioned criteria. They’ll look smashingly dapper when they walk into a room wearing this statement making bow tie.

Wooden Bow Tie
Rs. 1000


8. Words, Words, Words!

There is nothing more meaningful than expressing what you feel through a written letter. Let this cutely sarcastic greeting card be the tool you use to deliver those heartfelt words. A love letter can be saved for years on end and read out through every thick and thin moment in a relationship. Now that’s a gift under on a budget worth getting and giving. In fact everything is better when you say it with a greeting card.

Greeting Card
Rs. 120


9. Travel Lovers

If you’re the type of couple who absolutely loves to travel together, we can think of no better Valentine’s day gift under a budget. These luggage tags are affordable and customizable. Put your names on them and get ready to jet off into the sunset. Couple this with a set of tickets to someplace exotic and you’ve really got a Valentine’s day gift to remember!We’ve got some cute couple focused gifts for newlyweds, so do check that out.

Luggage Tags
Rs. 650


10. Decadent Chocolate

Chocolate is one of those all time favourite Valentine’s day gifts for her under a budget that you can’t go wrong with giving. The darker the chocolate the better, but if your significant other isn’t into bitter chocolate, then this 57% dark chocolate bar will hit the spot. Hopefully she’ll save some for you. If chocolate is not for you and your significant other, then try these amazing healthy options instead.

57% Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 300


When it comes to gifts for her or him or them, we hope we’ve got you covered. If not, there is a whole gift guide section on the PropShop24 blog that is dedicated to gift giving. We’re sure you’ll find something there if you’re looking for more gifts under a budget.

You could also browse through the 300+ products PropShop24 adds every week, if you’re still not satisfied!

Happy Propping and Happy Valentine’s day in advance!

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