The grey and gloomy views during the monsoon months can get even the most cheerful person feeling a bit glum. Sure, you can fight the blues by turning on some nice music and sipping on some hot coffee, but we have a better way – surround yourself with fantastically upbeat pastel hues.

Blushing pinks and soothing greens along with other creamy colours can help brighten up the mood. Plus, it’s very millennial and chic to have a pastel colour palette whether it’s at home or at the office. Let’s have a look at some stellar pastel products that you must get your hands on.

1. Vintage Touch

Every kitchen needs a vintage touch to add that homely feel. This butter box with rose motif is just the right amount of vintage chic without it looking like grandma’s house.

Roses Butter Box
Rs. 650


2. Dressing Table Staple

Storage is key when it comes to organising our dressing tables. It must have a variety of storage spaces such as a drawer or a cute powder blue jar to keep makeup brushes or cotton swabs in. You could also use it as a snack jar in the kitchen!

Powder Blue Jar
Rs. 590


3. Floral Storage

Just think about how lovely these blue floral canisters will look sitting atop your kitchen counters.  If you love to bake, they are large enough to store your flour and wheat. You can even put your tea and coffee in them, the choice is yours.

Blue Floral Canisters
Rs. 719


4. Blushing Heart

This unbelievably cute blush pink bag with gold heart motif screams pastel paradise, doesn’t it? It comes in 3 sizes 11”, 13” and 15”, so no matter the size of laptop this case will fit perfectly.

Heart Laptop


5. Seeing Pink

If you don’t have a pair of pink sunglasses then your collection isn’t complete – every girl deserves pink sunglasses. Plus, they’re perfect to pair with any Sunday brunch outfit, go on, give it a try!

Pastel Pink Sunglasses
Rs. 1399


6. Candle Calm

When the day has been stressful, just look at this candle and you’ll know what to do. You can’t go wrong with a decadent smelling candle, choose from our 6 signature aromas – English Lavender, French Vanilla, Lemongrass, Honey Pomegranate, Clean Cotton and Strawberry Bubble Gum.

Mint Green Candle
Rs. 690


7.  Bath Bomb Bliss

If you haven’t tried a bath bomb as yet you’re missing out. While having a tub is ideal, you don’t need to have one to try these out. You could also put these lavender bombs in a wide bucket with lukewarm water to soak tired feet, for some fizzy relief.

Lavender Bombs
Rs. 660


8. Geometric Chic

This multi-purpose hexagonal organiser is the perfect accessory to an office desk or dressing table. You could store your pens or your makeup brushes. Although, with a few fairy lights inside it’ll make an excellent side table lamp.

Hexagonal Organiser
Rs. 650


9. Take Notes

Don’t let another great idea escape you. If you’re the type of person who has a flood of ideas but often forgets them, then it’s time to get a notebook. Pen down your thoughts and turn that idea into a money-making business.

Peach NoteBook
Rs. 550



10. Hydrate Well

Carry your water to work in style with these pastel peach and green glass bottles. They have a silicon spike cover that is pretty, but also works as an insulator to keep water chilled. Keep hydrated!

Spiked Glass Bottles
Rs. 999


Loved these pastel products? Well, we have tons more where that came from. Feel free to browse through our website as we’re constantly updating our inventory. You never know what pastel wonder you’ll stumble upon next!

Feature Image Courtesy Onechitecture