Now that the frenzy of lovey-dovey gifts has died down, it’s time to get to the top picks of the month. We’re talking about the February favourites – products that Proppers couldn’t get enough of. Whether you’re searching for gifts for your band of bros, or simply needing something for the bride-to-be, this list of your February favourites will certainly satisfy.

Looking at what’s hot, we’ve pulled products from our ‘best sellers’ and ‘new arrivals’ section on PropShop24, and you’ll be amazed to see what you Proppers have been loving!

So without further ado, let’s get to the top picks of the month!

1. Too Cute!

If you and your bestie or S.O bonded over food, we know you’ll love this greeting card. Whether it’s a birthday greeting, apology letter or just wanting to say hello, bring back the greeting card! Also, when the greeting card is this cute, how can you resist?

Over Eating Greeting Card
Rs. 100

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2. Travel Hack

Alright, if you absolutely hate those uncomfortable economy class seats, then you’re going to adore this travel pillow. You can either use it as a neck pillow or put it on the tray in front of you and rest your head on it. These small luxuries are essential when travelling by plane or a road trip!

Travel pillow
Rs. 800


3. Hydrate, Will ya?

With so many alternatives to water available today, we’re drinking less and less every day which can be hard on the body in more ways than one. Time to whip out all incentives to drink more water, starting with a really chic and quirky water bottle. It’s easy to overlook those old plastic bottles, but this glass fox-ear bottle should inspire you to hydrate.

Fox Glass Bottle
Rs. 1199


4. USB Love

We don’t know about you but we love cute USBs, and this one is no exception. This crystal flash drive has 8GB space, just enough for all your love notes and documents! You can also hook it up to your keychain, so you always have it on you.

Heart USB
Rs. 1000


5. Time For Style

If you don’t have a rose gold watch by now, we don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life! Alright, we’re kidding, but in all honestly, a smart metallic rose gold watch compliments any outfit no matter the occasion. Don’t believe us, get this one and see for yourself!Also, if you love everything rose gold you must check out our rose gold merchandise NOW!

Rose Gold Watch
Rs. 1899


6. Stationery Junkie

Let’s get real, you know you’re going to want these push pins if you’re a stationery junkie. However, if you’re not, then you’re going to want them because they’re cute and functional. A pinboard at your office cubicle can actually be a great space saving solution. Just because these push pins are adorable doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose!

Jelly Push Pins
Rs. 399


7. Tropicalia

All things tropical have been trending for months now and if you haven’t jumped on that bandwagon, well, here’s your chance. This basket weave pineapple bag is your gateway into the tropicalia universe. Also, this bag is going to look popping in all those Insta-worthy beach pictures you’re going to take on your next vacation!

Pineapple Bag
Rs. 4000


8. Marble Craze

Impress your guests at your next tea party, with these marble-effect cups and saucers. They’re uber sophisticated and stylish and will be the envy of all who sip from them. Accompanied with some unique tea blends, this cup and saucer set can do no wrong!

Marble Cup And Saucer
Rs. 800


9. Pizza Time

Sunday family day calls for homemade pizza, Netflix and being a couch potato. Make your pizza slicing troubles easier with this totally adorable bicycle pizza cutter. You can use it to slice up homemade naans and other Indian breads too.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter
Rs. 399


10. Sneaky Sneaky

Trying to sneak into an event with the tipple of your choice? We get you, we’ve all been there, those frustrating long bar lines and ridiculous prices – you need your own hip flask. You may not be able to sneak this flashy gold flask passed the guards, but you sure can have a few shots before you head in! Remember to always drink responsibly.

Gold Hip Flask
Rs. 499


Well, the top picks of the month were quite fun don’t you think. A mixed bag of February’s favourites that we’re sure you can gift or keep for yourself. If this list inspired you and you want more, check out PropShop24 for more gifting solutions. We add 300+ products every week, so there is something for everyone.

Happy Propping!

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