February is the month of love and we think you require some advice on things you need for your first date. So why not get a little love-crazy and ask your crush out. We’re not giving you suggestions on first date gift ideas, you can check out our Gift Guide section for that. However when it comes to date night essentials we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to put your best foot forward with things you need for your first date to impress your crush!

1. Pretty Jewellery

Accessories bring an outfit together, so when finalising your look remember to also pay attention to your jewellery. This rhinestone choker is super eyecatching and will show off your decolletage in the most appealing way. Definitely a date night must have!

Rhinestone Choker
Rs. 699


2. Pout Ready

Our first date tip – grab attention in all the right ways by wearing a bold lip colour. Shades of pink can be left for the puppy love stage, but if you want some passion, red lipstick is the way to go. This one is a satin matte red lipstick that will make your lips look fuller and enticing!

Lipstick – Red Model
Rs. 500


3. Bottle Of Wine

Whether your crush is coming over before or after, a bottle of wine is one of those date night essentials that you can’t go wrong with. Having a great bottle is one thing, but make sure you have the tools to open it too. Nothing worse than a bottle of red wine that you can’t drink! This wine tool kit has everything you need to open and let the wine breathe.

Wine Tool Kit
Rs. 799


4. Get Your Groom On!

There is something very impressive about a well kept man. We’re talking about being groomed from head to toe and looking like a million bucks. Get your beard or stubble groomed with this luxurious grooming kit for men that comes with a shaving kit, lotion and aftershave perfume. First date essentials are all about looking and feeling great – this kit will help with that.

Grooming Kit
Rs. 4700


5. Go Dutch!

Thank goodness the days of men paying for dates are gone. Go dutch but do it in style. A wallet like this one that has an anti-theft feature, which will earn you some style points and shows that you’re a person who pays attention to the details. This wallet is one of the things you need for your first date to impress your crush. It’s also a great gift idea for the men in your life.

Personalised Wallet
Rs. 749


6. Sun’s Out!

It’s up to you whether you’d like to dress up or not but if you’re going on a day date, make sure to carry a pair of chic sunnies. Add a little something extra to your date outfit by wearing these dark black ones that are perfect for making a statement on a dates. Plus they show off your style and vibrant personality.

Dark Sunglasses
Rs. 699


7. Great Hair Day

Speaking of grooming, we’re sure you’ll need to tame your hair. You can do that with a good quality pomade. This one is water based so it won’t make hair look stiff or greasy. Plus, it keeps your hair hydrated and doesn’t cause dryness, damage or flakiness. Add this one to your date night essentials and you’re all set.

Hair Pomade
Rs. 749


8. Don’t be Late!

If you’re punctuality challenged, then the things you need for your first date are a watch to tell time and an action plan! Give yourself enough time to get ready and keep in mind how long it will take to get to your date. This watch is chic and perfect for those of you who are obsessed with all things rose gold! Also, besides its aesthetic appeal, it’s super useful if you’re known for being tardy.

Rose Gold Watch
Rs. 1000


9. Smell Divine!

As you can tell by this list and all the things you need for a first date – we’re super invested in helping you make a good impression. That includes smelling divine! There is nothing more off putting than bad body odour, especially on a first date. Make sure to dot some perfume on your wrists and neck – please don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way. Your date is going to be sweetly intoxicated with you and your perfume!

Himalayan Adventure Spray
Rs. 549


10. Liquid Courage

If you’re really nervous then some liquid courage is a date night must have in this instance. A quick shot of your favourite tipple before you head on out to meet your crush might give you a boost of confidence. If that doesn’t then the cheeky saying on the shot glass definitely will – just remember always be respectful and consensual!

Shot Glasses
Rs. 400


That’s all we have for you at the moment, we hope these date night essentials are helpful. If you think these things you need on your first date are not going to cut it, then head on over to PropShop24. There are a ton of products that keep getting added every week. You’ll get whatever your heart desires.

Also, for all you coupled up folks, check out our Valentine’s day gifting ideas to make your sweetheart feel special.

Happy Dating and Propping!


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