The first week of January has almost come to an end, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get that to-do list for 2019 ready. We’re talking about kick-starting the new year with some things that will help you with your goals and resolutions.

There are a range of products to help with everything from fitness goals and career aspirations to organising your desk. Setting the tone for a productive and awesome new year.

Let’s dive straight into this to-do list for 2019, shall we?

1. Start A Planner Already!

Those boring planners are a thing of the past, these new ones come with stickers, inspirational quotes, goals and even a section for the month’s top priorities. Yes, that’s right there is no excuse to keep you from achieving anything in 2019. Apart from being able to crush your goals, it’s lovely to look back at the planner this time next year, to see just how much you’ve accomplished.

Escape The Ordinary 2019 Planner
Rs. 1800


2. Gym Rat Essentials

Along with renewing your gym membership, it’s time to ditch the old gym bag and get a new one. The new year needs fresh motivation and some challenging gym goals. Which is why you should probably get some killer activewear and a stylish gym bag just like this one.

Pleather Gym Bag
Rs. 2200


3. Refresh Your Beauty Products

This is one of the most important steps you can take in the new year. Cleaning out your beauty and makeup bag. Yes, these products do expire and keeping old beauty products that are past its shelf life can actually affect your skin. Time to toss it out and get yourself a box set that has all your staples from soap, lip balm to lotion and scrubs. We like this all natural one that’s good for any skin type.

Beauty Box Set Of 6
Rs. 850


4. Snack Smart

There’s no point sweating it out in the gym if you’re going to be tempted by unhealthy snacks. Replace the goodies in the snack drawer with some healthy options like these quinoa puffs with a zesty kale flavour. This isn’t a low-calorie snack, but it is high in protein, fibre and minerals – making it a healthier snacking choice when you can’t stop that munchy feeling.

Quinoa Puffs
Rs. 80


5. Kick the Caffeine

Trying to reduce the amount of caffeine in your system? We totally feel you on this one! The logical substitute for coffee is some loose-leaf teas. This tea box set has four different varieties – Lemon, Detox (clears toxins), Moroccan Mint and Heal (soothes the throat). Perfect for any occasion, especially when those afternoon coffee pangs tend to set in.

Tea Set Of 4 Mini Flavours
Rs. 1100


6. Journaling

This one is a must on the to-do list for 2019. Successful celebrities, CEOs and spiritual personalities have a few things in common such as waking up early, meditating and journaling. While it may take a lot of effort to become an early riser or learn to meditate, the art of journaling is easy. Prioritise 15 minutes of your day to write down what you’re grateful for, all the things you’re passionate about and what are your ultimate dreams. Writing these things down every day unlocks our minds to see opportunities as they come and it helps to start/end the day on a positive note. Positive vibes only!

Marble Print Leather Journal
Rs. 1199


7. Desk De-Clutter

Clear your desk of all the unnecessary things that may have accumulated over the last year. Then add in some smart storage like a stationery organiser. This one makes sure that everything has a place and doesn’t get lost or take up unnecessary space.

Pine Stationery Organiser
Rs. 1599


8. Bottoms Up!

We’re all guilty of not drinking enough water. It’s time to change that and make drinking water a priority. If you’re like a lot of people who don’t like the taste of water, then why not get yourself one of these juicers with a portable bottle. All you need to do is throw in some fruit, fill up the water and mix. Voila – you get a fruit juice/smoothie that you can take with you and drink on the go.

Portable Juicer Bottle
Rs. 999


9. Travel Well

This year upgrade your makeup pouch with this makeup storage case. The time has come to treat your cosmetics better especially if you’ve got some expensive brushes and products that tend to get tossed around in a simple makeup pouch. This one has specific compartments for all your cosmetics and is easy to store in your luggage when you travel. You could also use it as an organisational case on your dressing table.

Cosmetics Compartment Case Box
Rs. 1199


10. Eat Better

Fed up of the dreaded question – What’s for lunch/dinner? Well, we have a solution, every week sit down with a meal planner, like this one, and plan out all your meals. Then go ahead and make your meals in advance if you intend on meal prepping or hand it over to your cook. Deal with that dreaded question once a week rather than at every meal time. This planner gets extra brownie points for being personalised with your name and rewritable.

Rewritable And Personalised Weekly Meal Planner
Rs. 1550


Have we aced this list? We think so! If we’ve missed something in our to-do list for 2019, then do let us know in the comments section. Don’t forget to keep checking back to PropShop24  for more fun products, we keep updating our product list every week.

Happy Propping!

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