Everyone has their version of how to do Goa right – it all depends on whether you’re after a party vibe or a chill vibe. Either way, there is something about the dusty red mud and salty air that immediately puts you in that relaxed vacation mode.

If there is one thing the whole PropShop24 team can agree on, it’s that Goa is our favourite place to visit. With that in mind, we asked Gunjan Malhotra, marketing and curation, some questions and she gathered the team to get us the answers we were looking for. She dishes on the best places to hang out, eat, drink and chill, so let’s take a look at Team PropShop24’s guide to Goa.

Q1. What’s the number one reason the team likes to visit Goa?
Gunjan Malhotra:
The three answers that sum up this question are from Mehak, Ramona, Verona and Ayesha. Mehak is all about a nice chilled beer, saying her reason to go to Goa is “Kings! The king of all beer!” Ramona and Verona have food on their mind and both agree that Goa sausages are their number one reason. Lastly,  Ayesha definitively says “Beach please. Period.” In other words, give us a beach, a nice cold beer and some Goa sausages and we’re happy!

Image Courtesy Scoop Whoop

Q2. When is the best season to go there and why?
The perfect season would be from October to March because the shacks are open, seasonal restaurants are in full swing and there are lots of fun people to meet. However, this time we went to Goa in the monsoon and it was a very different experience altogether. It was a rather unusual Goa trip. It was very relaxing and we had a great time!

Q3. According to the team, what are the top three beaches to visit in Goa and why?
We’re all about the north of Goa as that is where the most action happens. Our top picks are Mandrem, Morjim, and Vagator!

Q4. What’s the best beach shack for breakfast?
Baba Au Rhum, located in Anjuna is the team’s pick for a hearty breakfast.  As for me, I would pick Burger Factory – I mean, when I am on vacation I am definitely getting burgers for breakfast!

Image Courtesy Burger Factory

Q5. The best place to eat real Goan food, what dish would you recommend?
First up, Gunpowder, their prawn curry is to die for but it also has a really nice ambiance to enjoy this perfect meal. PS – Don’t miss their appams! Coming in at a close second and third are Blacksheep Bistro and Fisherman’s Warf in Panjim.

Q6. The best place to party until the break of dawn? 
GM: Waters Beach Lounge in Vagator has a great vibe – having drinks near the beach is anyone’s idea of a Goa night done right. Also, we enjoy the sundowners at the W, the view from their Rockpool bar is fantastic!

Waters Lounge. Image Courtesy Waters Beach Lounge/ Eyal Levkovich

Q7. The best place to shop in Goa?
Goa doesn’t have much shopping but I personally like the Saturday night bazaar. This market happens every Saturday and is host to some home chefs and locals that have everything from speciality teas to dry fruits. They also have some great tie and dye cloth bags, plus, the dreamcatchers are a must have!

Q8. Best hotel to stay on a budget AND the best luxury place to stay when you want to splurge?
GM: The best budget place to stay would be White Woods Resort and Spa. A brand new boutique hotel in the heart of Goa right opposite the famous French restaurant called La Plage. They have super cute wooden cottages for everyone. If you want to splurge then this Air B&B villa we stayed at is HANDS DOWN the most beautiful place in Goa! It has an infinity pool with a really sweet helper and four luxurious bedrooms!

Image Courtesy Air B&B

Q9. What’s the team’s favourite drink to have on the beach?
Well, Ayesha sips on her Pina Colada with less juice and lots of coconut milk – please be very particular with her drink! Mohit enjoys his endless supply of fresh coconut water. I enjoy my favourite Indian gin called Greater Than Gin (only available in Goa) with some Svami (Indian) tonic water and a little bit of lemon zest!

Q10. Complete this sentence – “I know I’m in Goa when___________”
Arshia says “I know I’m in Goa when I’m tanned!”
Amtosh says: “When breakfast starts with Budweiser!”
Vidhika says “Wake & Bake.”

Q11. The best place to have a romantic moment with your significant other?
GM: Olive! The new Olive situated in Vagator, is a perfect date spot. It’s super cute with its candlelit ambiance, overlooking the sea and pristine sandy beach. Nothing as beautiful as this!

Image Courtesy Olive

Q12. What’s the one thing everyone should do in Goa besides the touristy stuff?
GM: DO NOT MISS the Butterfly Beach just off Palolem beach. It’s a super long drive if you’re staying in the North but it’s totally worth it!

Q13. What are some must-have products from PropShop24, when headed for Goa?
First off, an accessory bag is my go-to item for all my trips!

1. Super Organised

I like to think of myself as a very organised person and this really helps me put my luggage together – with particular bags for my hair products, this is my first must have.

Hair Accessory Bags
Rs. 800


2. Chic Sunglasses

No beach trip is complete without a new pair of sunnies! Currently, I am totally crushing on these 60’s mod black frame sunglasses. They’re very Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Audrey Sunglasses
Rs. 1200


3. A Big Bag

Honestly, I like to carry my world in my bag and if a bag can change into a different colour means I am actually carrying two bags. Thank God for this reversible bag, it’s pink on one side and when inverted, it has a chic Burberry-esque print on the other side. What can I say? I like big bags and I cannot lie!

Reversible Tote
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4. Gotta Protect My Locks

Hair care is of utmost priority while I’m at the beach.  This is why I swear by this hair protecting serum for my hair. It’s all natural and protects my hair from damage. It has vitamin E and Argan oil that nourishes my hair and keep frizz at bay.

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That’s all folks! We hope this travel guide to Goa has been informative and has given you an insider look at some of the vivacious personalities working at PropShop24. If you’ve got a destination you’d like us to help you with, let us know in the comment section below. We’re sure we can rally up the team for another travel guide post, after all, who doesn’t like talking and dreaming about a vacation!?


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