Every month women everywhere experience symptoms of the dreaded Premenstrual Syndrome that can sometimes push us over the edge. The best way to deal with PMS is to allow yourself to feel all the emotions and just ride that wave.

However, there are a few things that may help make your PMS filled life feel a lot better – we’ve got some of them right here. Apart from watching a movie with a shirtless Chris Hemsworth, these products are probably the best way to deal with PMS.

1. Hot Water Bag

When those pesky cramps start up, the most natural way to alleviate some of the pain is to use a hot water bag. This one comes with a cute wool cover that insulates the heat. Ensuring that it stays warmer for longer and relieves your lower back or tummy of those cramps.

Cute Hot Water Bag
Rs. 539


2. Period Package

We think this is a lovely gift for any teenage girl who is about to experience PMS and her period for the first time. This box has all you would ever need to deal with the process. It has got sanitary napkins, intimate wipes, disposable pouches and even green tea bags! We do also have sanitary napkins available if you don’t need all this extra stuff. However, we think this box is an excellent gift idea for strong, independent women.

Period Hamper
Rs. 1424


3. Need Chocolate?

It’s common knowledge that most women on their period crave chocolate. Just why this happens? Well, nobody knows for sure. All we can say is that chocolate tastes even better and gives a lot of emotional comfort while on your period. Which is just what you need when you feel like PMS has taken control over your body!

57% Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 300


4. Drink Up!

What’s better than eating a bar of chocolate? Drinking it, obviously – probably the best way to deal with PMS in all honesty! This hot chocolate mix should be kept for times of need such as break-ups, date nights and PMS days! All you need is some hot water, and voila, you’ve got a steamy cup of hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Mix
Rs. 210


5. Pain Relief

The main issue with PMS apart from the mood swings and water weight is the pain. Whether it be lower back or tummy pain, cramps and body aches are a common PMS symptom. Luckily this PMS pain relief roll-on is made with a special blend of pure essential oils that help relax muscles in the body especially the lower back and abdomen. Plus, it’s super compact so you can store it in your stylish handbag and have it handy for whenever those cramps attack!

PMS Pain Relief
Rs. 650


6. Calming Tea

Many women like to drink some Chamomile tea during their period as it is said to relieve muscle spasm and reduce menstrual cramp pain. Chamomile also helps to ease anxiety and irritability which can be caused due to hormonal shifts. So, get yourself a nice cup of Chamomile tea the next time you’re looking for an all natural way to deal with PMS.

Chamomile Mint Tea
Rs. 515


7. Spa Day

Pimples and acne are just another one of the many blessings we women can experience thanks to PMS – sense the sarcasm! However, beauty products can really help with this problem.  A nice face mask like this coffee and cocoa one not only brightens and reduces inflammation but it also smells yummy!

Coffee Cocoa Face Mask
Rs. 349


8. Savoury Snacks

PMS can mess with your food cravings too, some girls like sweet things, some like salty – and some like both! Make sure to stock up on some healthy but delicious snacks like these vacuum fried beetroot and okra chips. Don’t let PMS affect your waistline. Contrary to what many believe – calories do count on your period!

Beetroot and Okra Chips – Pack Of 2
Rs. 180


9. Lavender Dreams

Sometimes the best way to deal with PMS is to just sit back, light a nice lavender scented candle and watch romcoms. The candle is soothing, the movies are funny, and the world seems alright, if only for just for a moment before those PMS symptoms kick in again! This cruelty-free candle is made from vegetable wax, so at least your conscious is feeling upbeat!

Vegan Lavender Candle
Rs. 1575


10. Put Your Feet Up!

Feet aches and swelling is quite common when you’re going through PMS. Which is why elevating your feet can really help to ease the pain and some of that bloating. This foot hammock attaches to your desk, offering a little relief when you’re at dealing with your desk job. Plus, if you’ve been wearing heels all day, this little tool will definitely come in handy!

Foot Hammock
Rs. 950


Ladies, we hope you found this helpful – if not, the best way to deal with PMS is some retail therapy! Head over to our jewellery section on PropShop24, we have some gorgeous and unique pieces that will fit any personality.

Happy Propping and Happy PMSing!

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