Coming down from that Valentine’s day high – the discussions at the PropShop24 office today are of the team’s best and worst date stories you would have ever heard of. We’ve all had these dates, you know the type where the other person bursts into tears or when things go so well that you don’t want the date to end. Well, you name it, we’ve heard and experienced it.

We’ve broken up the best and worst date stories we have ever heard into the type of date. Specifically the romantic date, the dramatic date, the funny date and the total flop date. We asked members from our team to spill the beans, and while they couldn’t bring up too much information from their little black books – they’ve done the next best thing, given us advice and their preferences based on some of their best and worse dates.


The Romantic Date

gunjan malhotra

Team PropShop24: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done on a date for your S.O?
G: Well, it’s not super romantic but more thoughtful. I did a custom-made set menu for my boyfriend’s birthday. It also had a cute little note along with the menu, designed especially for him. We celebrated at this place called Miss T in Colaba.

TPS24: If you could take a jet to the most romantic city for your date, where would it be and why?
G: The Maldives! There is nothing as serene and as beautiful as the Maldives. The beaches and that clear water, who wouldn’t want a candlelit dinner with a view like that?

TPS24:  What’s one thing that would take your romantic date from dreamy to disaster in no time? Why?
G: Hands down it’s bad body odour. Never turn up to a date smelling bad. However, the biggest thing that could ruin a date is BAD SHOES/FEET SMELL. This is a serious turn off!

TPS24: What is your idea of the most romantic date?
G: I’m a simple girl, all I would need is a beautiful sunset, a gin cocktail and the sea!

TPS24: Whether you’re single or committed, what’s the one thing you’d do for yourself on Valentine’s day?
G: Spoil myself with a bouquet of white Chrysanthemums. I love flowers! If I could, I would do this every day.

The Dramatic Date


Team PropShop24: What is the most dramatic thing that has ever happened to you on a date?
Mohit: This one time, I met a girl and after the first date, her parents called my parents with a marriage proposal! Talk about drama!! hahahah

TPS24: What’s your advice if a S.O suddenly started causing drama or threw a fit on a date, what should you do?
You should ride the tide but after the person has calmed down have a conversation. #WildWildCountry

TPS24: If your date isn’t going well, what would you do to add some drama and make it more exciting?
Get someone else on the same date! Hahhahaha Only kidding! I would suggest a few drinks and dancing or a walk perhaps. It’s hard to tell, depends on the situation really.

TPS24: When is drama hot and when is drama too much? What draws the line for you?
No Drama is hot enough, I am a no-drama person! #FoReal

TPS24: Tell us the most dramatic excuse you’ve ever given to get out of a date.
M:  I keep it real, if the date isn’t great I just suck it up till it’s over and then say good night. I’m a gentleman, and we don’t need excueses!

The Funny Date

Shaili Vora

TPS24: What’s one funny incident that happened on a date that makes you crack up every time you think back to it?
Shaili: It was a blind date and halfway through it he asked “Where do you see us ten years from now?”  The next minute – “Get me outta here. NOW!” – is what I texted my best friend!

TPS24: If you had the choice, which would you go for, the funny guy who isn’t good looking or the good looking guy that thinks he’s funny?
S: The good looking guy that thinks he is funny…because the fact that he thinks he is funny is funny enough for me. Would make for some rather hilarious situations!

TPS24: Funniest pick up line you or someone has used to get you to go on a date? Did the line work?
S: “Do you have an inhaler ’cause you took my breath away!” and boy, that choked me!

TPS24: How dark should humour get on a date – Dark and dirty, politically incorrect or plain PJs? Which do you prefer and why?
PJs for sure…Everything else would be too intimate!

TPS24: What the most fun date you’ve ever been on, why?
S: I’d rather pick a day-out with my girls at the Sula Vineyard, ’cause chicks before d**ks. Hahaha! Also, there is nothing better than grape-stomping and sipping on a few glasses of red wine with your girls!

The Total Flop Date

namrata wanvari

TPS24: What’s that one date you think back on and wonder why everything flopped so miserably?
Namrata: I once went on a date when it was that time of the month for me. So, all I did was crib about everything and ate more ice cream than I ever could, which eventually ruined my dress and my face!

TPS24: If you went on a date that was horrific, would you consider a do-over? Yes or no, tell us why?
N: If the guy was to blame then no, and if it was me then – yes! I like giving myself second chances, haha!

TPS24: Tell us what makes a date flop in your opinion?
N: Well firstly going to a place which is too loud. Also, when the guy is talking non-stop and venting about his daily dramas – really not appealing and that’s a total flop!

TPS24: What is a deal breaker when it comes to going on a date? why?
N: Well in my opinion, lack of ambition! One can be employed but still lack of ambition and it is completely unsexy. You don’t have to have incredibly lofty goals but you must have some goals.

TPS24. Tell us one thing you have done that made a date a total flop?
N: I bumped into a long lost crush at the venue my date was at. So, I invited that guy along for the date I was intended to go to. This turned out to be an interesting double date where I had both guys all to myself. Cleary a very awkward and flop situation!

Well well, they did open up quite a bit about their personal lives! We hope you enjoyed their best and worst date stories. Let this blog be a blue print for all your future dates, let it inspire you and hopefully guide you! We wish you all the luck on your dating life, so you never end up on a ‘best and worst date stories you would have ever heard of’ list.

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Happy Propping!

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