Let’s talk about all you workaholics or people who love working at night. It takes a particular breed of people to stay up while the world slumbers. To be productive and work at night, whether you’re at a call centre job or have overseas work-hours, you will need some help. That’s why we’ve curated a list of products dedicated to your nighttime work life.

Have a look at these smart gift ideas for people who love working at night – we dare you not to want them!

1. Lap-Light

Trying to sneak in a few work emails but don’t want to wake the entire family? This laptop light will come in handy. It’s strong enough to cast a light over your keyboard and to view any written notes you may have. You could also use it as a nightlight by plugging the USB connection into your phone charger.

Bird Laptop Light
Rs. 799


2. Back Support

Sitting at a desk all night can really play on your back, make sure you’re getting some support by using a cushion. This rectangular cushion is plush and comes with a filler, so you can kiss those back pains good-bye.

Cosy Cushion
Rs. 1550


3. Coffee, Please!

If you love working at night, then you’re going to need some help from Mr caffeine. When we think of long work nights, coffee is often the first things on our must-have list, along with a good insulated cup. This insulated coffee cup keeps your coffee warm or cold for longer with its vacuum insulation technology – something any night owl would love.

Insulated Cup
Rs. 449


4. Desk Spot

Now here’s another smart gift idea for people who love working at night. This unique diffused spotlight has a clip attachment so you can clip it to your desk, laptop or even a book. An added feature, it has three levels of brightness for all your work or reading requirements.

Desk Clip Lamp
Rs. 799


5. Snack Time

Those midnight munchies become even more pronounced when you’re burning the midnight oil. Avoid giving into temptation and indulging in unhealthy snacks. Instead, get yourself some power snacks in the form of these granola bars that are filling, satiating and have a bit of sweetness for that sweet tooth.

Granola Bars – Pack Of 3
Rs. 230


6. Keep Hydrated

Just because you love working at night, doesn’t mean your body loves it too. Keep hydrated, it’s easy to forget when you’re hovering around your desk, but drinking water keeps the body and mind fresh. Make your water a little fancier with this fruit infuser bottle that adds a fruity flavour to your water.

Fruit Infuser Bottle
Rs. 599


7. Vanilla Aroma

Level up your coffee game when you’re burning the midnight oil with this vanilla flavoured instant coffee. The aroma alone should be reason enough for you to try this, but the caffeine kick is an added incentive. You’ll thank us later when it’s 2 am, and your room smells like coffee and vanilla bean. Warning – your roommates might wake up because of the dreamy aroma!

Vanilla Coffee
Rs. 190


8. Warm Up

The workaholic in you will love this cup warmer because ain’t nobody got time to reheat a beverage when it’s the middle of the night, and you’re trying to meet those deadlines. It’s ridiculously convenient, all you need to do is plug it into your laptop and voila, your beverage is kept warm and toasty.

USB Cup Warmer
Rs. 399


9. Get Organised

Is there anything more annoying than your desk being buried under a 100 and one cables and chargers for all your devices? Well, the best way to deal with that is to have a cable organiser that you can clip onto your desk like this one. A little organisation amongst the chaos when you’re working helps to ease the stress.

Desk Cable Clip
Rs. 200


10. Mood Music

Workaholics often need music to keep their minds alert. That’s why this pen stand that’s also a Bluetooth speaker is such an awesome gift for people who love working at night. Not only for music and storing pens but it can also be used for those overseas con-calls you receive.

Pen Stand Bluetooth Speaker
Rs. 949


Hats off to all those workaholics who love working at night, it’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you’d much rather be in bed watching Netflix. These gift ideas are perfect for them, so make them feel a little special and get them one. There are a bunch of other products we keep adding every week to the PropShop24 website, so if there isn’t anything on this list – then head on over to the website for more.

Till next time,
Happy Propping!


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