Oh no! Is it time to head back to school, already!? The summer vacations are coming to a close and now, there’s the classroom fun to look forward to. Still in holiday mode? We don’t blame you. However, we’ve got some cool school supplies to snap you out of it!

It’s time to get your head in the game, whether you’re finishing up that last year of college, or starting a new school year – these school supplies are an absolute necessity. We want you to ace your academic year, and sometimes the right school supplies are just what you need to achieve that.

So, pay attention, the product list 101 class is about to start!

1. Planner Bee

Stay on top of all your extra-curricular activities and school deadlines with this super product. It’s a ‘write and erase’ vinyl decal that can be stuck on to any surface. Just like a regular chalkboard, all you need is chalk and a duster. No excuses to miss out on any of life’s big events!

Monthly Planner Sticker
Rs. 350


2. Eco-Pencils

Start off the year with eco-friendly school supplies like these newspaper pencils. The pencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper. Once they go blunt, just unwrap and sharpen the extra dark lead inside. With products like this, you’re one step close to becoming a more eco-friendly student.

Newspaper Pencils – Set Of 4
Rs. 150


3. Good Vibes Only

Some days at school can be rough, and that’s when you need a positive-minded friend or some motivational quotes to keep you going. These cute stickers have all sorts of upbeat and inspiring words on them. Stick them on school projects or in your daily journal – just remember to push through!

Motivational Stickers
Rs. 100


4. Owl Clips

These little guys are just dying to be part of your next craft project. Whether you use them to hang up flash-cards for your next exam or to put up pictures of your school friends – either way, these owl clips will come in handy.

Owl Clips
Rs. 199


5. Make Mistakes!

It’s okay to make mistakes in life and with school homework! Alright, we didn’t mean to get so deep. However, this back to school essential is too cute, and useful, to skip. Say goodbye to your old corrector pens, because this adorable cloud one has your name all over it! A perfect addition to your stationery kit.

Cloud Corrector Pen
Rs 115


6. Replace Your Old One!

Pencil cases are probably one of the most important school supplies. They are home to your entire stationery kit and something you need all throughout the year. We’ve got the perfect little pencil case for you! This see-through one comes in handy as you can quickly locate and pick out the item you need. Besides that, it’s very durable and ridiculously cute! BTW, if this isn’t for you, you could also consider using a makeup pouch as a pencil case.

Pink See-Through Pouch
Rs. 550


7. Notebook Crush

We’ve always had a thing for notebooks, as you can tell by the huge selection of them we stock on PropShop24. However, besides our obvious crush – an uplifting notebook should be part of your back to school essentials. Use these ruled pages to write little gossip notes or simply write down your goals for the next few months. An A5 book like this is just what you need.

A5 Size Notebook
Rs. 299


8. Organise!

Keep all your textbooks or literature books in order with these floating arrow bookends. Being organised and finding the right book, at the right time is key when trying to study. Let these bookends help you with that – all you need is a shelf!

Arrow Bookends
Rs. 749


9. Camera Clips

Bind all your documents together with these ultra-sweet rose gold camera paper clips. You’ll have to keep your eye on them because we’re sure your friends will want to get their hands on them! Now, that’s the type of envy we’re cool with – after all, stationery jealousy is a thing!

Camera Paper Clips – Set Of 8
Rs. 475


10. Colour-Pencil Care

All your project and craft work requires a set of colour pencils that need to be looked after. There is nothing worse than spending all your ‘chores’ money on an expensive set of colour pencils, only to have them ruined due to a lack of storage! Fret not, this roll-out pouch safely stores all your vibrantly hued pencils – so you can rest easy!

Roll-Out Pouch


So, there you have it! School supplies that are bound to help you ace the academic year. Going back to school doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience, especially when you have these products in your arsenal.

Now that we’ve got your school supplies taken care off how about adding a little punk flair to your college persona? Or better yet, how about some rebellious jewellery? Do check out our blogs, as we have tons of content to help you upgrade your look, your home and your life!

Happy Propping!

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