It’s the peek of summer, and the only thing that can get us into the kitchen is some fresh new kitchen must-haves! Yes, it’s a bit vain of us to say, but sometimes a kitchen shopping haul can be incentive enough to start cooking home meals again.

There are a ton of fantastic new kitchen must-haves on the Propshop24 website, but today we’ve curated a list of 10 essential products that will revamp your kitchen.

Are you ready? Let’s get cookin’!

1. Heart Bites!

Is there anything more adorable than heart-shaped dessert spoons? We think not! These dessert spoons come in Rose Gold, Gold and Steel (Silver) – so they’ll blend in perfectly with your existing cutlery. They would also make a great gift for any friend who has a sweet-tooth.

Heart Shaped Spoons
Rs. 499


2. Cut and Serve!

There is no such thing as too much cheese at a party. Serve up your array of exotic cheeses and fruit on this gorgeous Mango wood platter. Not only is it convenient to cut on and serve, but it’s also super chic.

Mango Wood Cheese Platter
Rs. 750


3. One More Cup Please!

Call up the gang for chai time and show off this nifty new kettle set! The specially designed cups fit into the kettle making it easy to store and to serve. Plus, it looks very impressive when you serve it to your friends, now all you need is some interesting blends of tea.

Kettle and Cup Set
Rs. 1450


4. Popcorn For One?

For anyone who is addicted to watching shows on their phone and snacking – this product is for you. Now, you could go the healthy route and opt for cut fruits as shown in the picture, or, you could use it for popcorn! Either way, how convenient does this kitchen must-have make snacking and binge-watching?

Bowl With Phone Holder
Rs. 450


5. Vintage Strainer

This antique brass tea strainer isn’t like any other. It’s made of woven brass and has a small basket with a hook on the end that helps to attach it to the cup. The intricate weave keeps away tea leaves from getting in your fresh brew. Plus, it’s a unique kitchen must-have that is as utilitarian as it is stylish.

Brass Tea Strainer
Rs. 350


6. Bottoms Up!

We all have an old bottle opener that is probably a bit rusty and not very visually pleasing. Time to get rid of that bottle opener and opt instead for this quirky XO shaped one. It’s cute, useful and would also make a great housewarming gift!

XO Bottle Opener
Rs. 399


7. Everyday Essential

This napkin and toothpick holder is a dining table essential. We love the design of this one, plus, it’s stylish enough to use when guests come over for dinner. Whether you use it daily or bring it out for guests, it’s a product that will come in handy!

Napkin And Toothpick Holder
Rs. 990


8. Feeling Beachy

You don’t have to live near the ocean to get that beach house feel. This starfish and seashell shaker set will give you that beach vibe you’re after. They’re super cute and would make an ideal gift for any new homeowner.

Starfish And Seashell Shakers
Rs. 599


9. Write it down!

Never forget to buy milk or bread when you have this magnetic ‘phone’ whiteboard on your fridge. They come with magnetic markers so that you can quickly jot down any item that you need to purchase. You could also write encouraging quotes – either way, it’s a kitchen must-have.

Phone Shape Magnetic Whiteboard
Rs. 359


10. Bake More!

If you’ve got a keen interest in baking and love to whip up cakes and cookies, then get yourself one of these. This cake stand comes with a cloche that protects your creations from bugs and the little one’s fingers! Plus, it’ll look adorable sitting on your kitchen counter!

Cake Stand With Cloche
Rs. 1575


Well, that’s all we have for you now, but keep checking the kitchen section on the PropShop24 website as we’re constantly adding new products. We hope you enjoyed this blog on our kitchen must-haves, if you have some products that you can’t live without – let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Propping!


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Feature Image Courtesy Brooke Lark on Unsplash