The new year is only a few short days away, and that must have everyone thinking about their resolutions. Whether you set them or not, there is no harm in having a list of improvements you’d like to make in the next year. Fitness and eating healthy is always amongst the top three resolutions, keeping healthy and wanting to shed the festive season pounds is only natural.

We want you to succeed with your healthy eating resolution, so to start you on this journey we asked some of our most health-conscious PropShop24 colleagues to suggest their favourite restaurants and meals. These restaurants cater to a variety of diets and offer healthy meal options, so your healthy eating resolution can start now, why wait for January the 1st?

1. Ayesha Alam, Marketing + Strategy

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Restaurant: Kitchen Garden by Suzette
Location: Pali Hill & BKC – Bombay

Q1: Why do you like eating at Kitchen Garden?
Ayesha: It makes healthy food tasty and has the best quality in terms of their produce. I love how their food doesn’t have too much seasoning and you can actually taste the vegetables – which sounds unappetising but somehow they make it delicious. It’s also very close to where I live so that’s always a plus.

Q2: How did you find out about this restaurant?
Ayesha: I eat out a fair bit so I’m always looking for new places to try and it’s right on Pali Naka so you can’t miss it.

Q3: What would you recommend ordering, if it’s the first time someone is visiting?
Ayesha: I love their Avocado Sandwich in the Sourdough bread. This is probably my favourite Avocado dish in the city. If you want something filling, then the Falafel Bowl and the Warm Grain bowl are the tastiest. Also, for the burrata fans try the Italy salad!

Q4: What’s your go-to dessert/drink that you order every time you want to splurge?
Ayesha: Their Mini Philadelphia Cheesecake cups + Berry and Vanilla Panna Cotta for sure.

Q5: Do they offer different dietary options such as gluten-free, vegan, keto?
Ayesha: They definitely have vegan and gluten-free options, I’m not sure about Keto.

Q6: Date night with bae or coffee with friends, what vibe does this restaurant have?
Ayesha: Dates at fancy places are so overdone, so I’d say both.

2. Arshia Kachwala, Merchandising

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Take Away Restaurant: Hello Green
Location: Lower Parel, Lokhandwala – Bombay

Q1: Why do you like ordering from the restaurant?
Arshia: Because they have a lot of options, they follow your instructions and of course the food is yummy and guilt-free.

Q2: How did you find out about it?
Arshia: A friend insisted that I order the smashed avocado on toast from there, so I gave it a try and that’s how I found out about it.

Q3: Do they offer different dietary options such as gluten-free, vegan, keto?
Arshia: Yes they do, everything you need to know is mentioned on the website.

Q4: Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the meal you most like to order from here and why?
Arshia: I can eat Avocado Toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Since I ordered it, it’s been my favourite dish.

Q5: What’s the best dish or beverage you have to try when ordering from Hello Green for the first time?
Arshia: Everything is good but try the chicken, feta & avocado Sandwich and the cartel wrap with chicken.

3. Stuti Timbadia, Graphic Designer

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Restaurant: Oven Fresh
Location: Dadar (W) – Bombay

Q1: What do you like about this restaurant?
Stuti: I quite like the ambience of the restaurant. It’s bright and inviting. I found out about Oven Fresh through a friend and also it’s one of the few healthy restaurants close to where I live. We also get some order offers occasionally, so there’s an incentive to keep going.

Q2: Do they offer different dietary options such as gluten-free, vegan, keto?
Stuti: They don’t have dietary food options but have a good variety of soups and salads for those who want to eat healthily. I personally like the tomato and lemongrass soup.

Q3: A snack from their menu you crave the most?
Stuti: If you want to cheat a day on your diet they have some good sizzlers to try and if I have to cheat or crave for some snack I would opt for their garlic bread or some nachos.

Q4: Order-in or dine at the restaurant? Which do you prefer and why?
Stuti: I prefer to dine in at the restaurant because I like to eat when served hot.

Q5: What’s the best dish or beverage you have to try when visiting Oven Fresh for the first time?
Stuti: For those who are visiting for the first time you can try their Italian or Mexican dishes. Plus, their desserts are yummy as well.

4. Gunjan Malhotra: Curation + Marketing

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Restaurant: Le Pain Quotidien
Location: Powai, BKC, Lower Parel – Bombay

Q1: Why do you like Le Pain Quotidien?
Gunjan: LPQ has such a great vibe. Cosy corners with really superb coffee + some yummy food is all that I need after a long day at work.

Q2: How did you find out about this restaurant?
Gunjan: I first visited LPQ in London many years ago and one day while driving by I noticed the board in BKC. Such a happy feeling!

Q3: One dish and beverage you keep going back to, why?
Gunjan: Chicken Stroganoff is to die for! Served in a bread bowl with gravy inside & some steaming hot rice on the side. Perfect cheat meal! Also, the LPQ iced-teas are really refreshing! My personal favourite is the Raspberry and Kiwi ice tea.

Q4: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, your favourite meal to eat LPQ?
Gunjan: Hard to choose between breakfast & dinner! They do set menus for breakfast and I often go for my stroganoff weekend cheat-dinners!

Q5: Which would you prefer, LPQ for a first date or business meeting?
Gunjan: LPQ is a date spot! Cosy corners and dim-lit ambience make it a perfect date spot.

Q6: Do they offer different dietary options such as gluten-free, vegan, keto?
Gunjan: They don’t have dietary options but if you are smart enough you will know what to order.

5. Urvi Mehta: Graphic Designer

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Restaurant Name: Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar
Location: Pali Hill, Bandra – Bombay

Q1: Why do you like this restaurant?
Urvi: I like that it’s a tiny little place, which I luckily happened to chance upon on Zomato. I also like the outdoor section, where I can sip on my coffee by myself.

Q2: Order-in or dine at the restaurant – Which do you prefer?
Urvi: I prefer to dine at the restaurant because of the vibe of the place, it’s very cozy.

Q3: Do they offer different dietary options such as gluten-free, vegan, keto?
Urvi: Yes, they have all the options available which makes it a great place for anyone on any diet.

Q4: What’s your go-to dish, that you order everytime you visit?
Urvi: When I crave desserts I order their rasberry or sour cherry jar. Their chocolate lust dessert is also crave-worth.

Q5: Is the restaurant a fun place to take Insta-worth pictures?
Urvi: Yes totally! Everything on their menu looks as good as it tastes. Completely Insta-worthy.

Caving a salad? Well we are! All these fantastic Bombay based restaurants have been on our speed dial for a reason – their food is yummy and they offer healthy as well as some cheat day options. We hope you’re better than us at sticking to your healthy eating resolution. If you have some tips for us, do drop us a line in the comment section – we can use all the help we can get!

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