After the ruling of article 377, you could hear a happy sigh of relief from almost the whole nation. Finally, after so much bad news on TV a little glimmer of hope, a step in the right direction. What followed, as is expected, was a celebration of pride and love in all it’s rainbow coloured glory.

We wanted to be part of the celebrations and curated a collection of rainbow themed products that symbolises the right to love whoever you want. Here are some of our favourites from the collection.

1. Pin Me

We couldn’t think of a cuter pin to have during this time, pin it on your jackets, shirts, bags – wherever you put it, it’s bound to be noticed. Get one for all your friends so you can wear it together for the next pride march.

Rainbow Pin
Rs. 299


2. Love Scents

We love the message on this candle, after all, love is love, and you can’t help but fall for those you’re attracted to. This candle is a perfect reminder of that. Plus it comes in six super aromas that will delightfully permeate through your house.

Love Is Love Candle
Rs 690


3. Quote Perfect

If you have a friend who has just come out, or you just want some motivation art in your home, this frame is ideal. Love everything about the quote and just think about how pretty and impactful it’s going to be to all who read it.

Frame Love Is Beautiful
Rs. 1300


4. Send Love

Reach out to your loved ones who have been celebrating this monumental decision by sending them a strong and positive greeting card. The words – Love Wins, says it all, but we’re sure your words of appreciation and kindness will touch whoever receives this card even more.

Greeting Card – Love Wins
Rs 190


5. Laptop Pride

Carry your laptop to work with a touch of pride. This happiness rainbow laptop cover pretty much sums up all our sentiments! Not only does it make a statement but the interior is lined with a scratch-resistant material – protecting your laptop from damage.

Happiness Laptop Cover
Rs. 1100


6. Spread The Vibes

What better way to spread positivity and cheer than calling up your besties and celebrating with them. Spread that positive message of love and also flash it on your phone. This ‘positive vibes only’ phone cover is super cute and will hopefully keep all the negative folks away!

Positive Vibes Phone Case
Rs. 650


7. Iron On Some Love

These iron-on patches may be totally retro, but we’re feeling that 90s vibe and couldn’t’ think of a better patch to stick onto our jeans. They’re easy to use, all you need is an iron and some clothing that can stand high temperatures – denim works perfectly.

Patch Rainbow
Rs. 150


8. Classic Badge

This badge gets straight to the point, it’s simple and makes a statement. If you’re having a pride celebration at your home, this little badge would make the perfect return gift. We’re sure all your friends would appreciate its value.

Pride Badge
Rs. 200


9. Paint Your Face

For the makeup fiends out there, you need this rainbow inspired brush set. They’re perfect for doing rainbow inspired makeup looks, as they’re made with a mix of wool and synthetic fibres. Plus, they’ll look so pretty sitting on your dressing table. Either way, these makeup brushes need a home!

Rainbow Makeup Brush Set
Rs. 850


10. Caffeine Joy

Your love for coffee and justice all in one cup, what more do you need? Start the day with a dose of love and caffeine and your day is bound to be perky. We have different cups in our pride collection, so why not buy one of each design and have a set at home.

Love Is Love Cup
Rs 390


A collection of rainbow themed products just for you. We keep adding new products every week, so if there is something you don’t see here, or if you’d like to give us a suggestion, give us a shoutout in the comment section. We love hearing from you!

Happy Pride, Happy Propping!

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