Hands up if at some costume party or the other you thought about going as a mermaid. Well, we have and we’re obsessed with products that are inspired by the psychedelic colours we can only imagine what a mermaid’s tail looks like.

Not only are the products on this list uber cute, but they’d make great gifts for any mermaid loving girl/boy.

So, let’s dive into the wonderful watery world of mermaids, shall we?

1. Mermaid Makeup

Time to try out all those mermaid inspired makeup looks on youtube, now that you’ve got yourself a set of these mermaid makeup brushes. Many makeup brands even have mermaid eye-shadow kits, so why not go all out with the brushes to match?

Mermaid Makeup Brushes
Rs. 1099


2. Ombre Feels

This ombre textured mason jar with pink lid is giving us major mermaid pool party vibes. We’re sure if mermaids existed they’d have these mason jars filled with pina coladas. They’re also really cute to serve up fresh smoothies or cocktails.

Ombre Mason Jar
Rs. 349


3. Soothing Bath

There is no better way than to end a tiring and stressful day with a soothing bath. All you need is a tub and some of these ‘under-the-ocean’ bath salts that have a refreshing aqua fragrance to set the mood. These salts colour the water with a charming shade of blue to add an extra touch of that aquatic ocean vibe.

Ocean Bath Salts
Rs. 400


4. Shell Drops

These darling shell drop earrings are what every mermaid lovers needs to complete their outfit. Whether you’re wearing a simple jeans and tee or a flirty dress, get a touch of the mermaid life with these earrings.

Shell Earrings
Rs. 950


5. Sequined Paradise

No mermaid list is complete without some much needed sequins. Cushions are a great way to decorate your home and these sequined ones add a little sparkle, guaranteed to brighten up your day. They are two sided, depending on which side the sequins are facing.

Mermaid Cushion – Pink/White
Rs. 890


6. Shell Key Fobs

Who doesn’t love a good key fob or bag accessory? This pink shell key fob is hard to miss, so your keys will be easy to find no matter where they are. It will also look super cute hanging from your handbag. So many reasons to get one!

Pink Key Fob
Rs. 399


7. Bag Bling

As we mentioned before, mermaid and sequins go hand in hand, besides who can resist this super cute sequined backpack? Take it on a night out with the girls or head to the beach with it – either way you won’t misplace your sequined backpack anywhere.

Blue Sequined Backpack
Rs. 2099


8. Mer-queen

Why be a mermaid when you can dress like a mer-queen? This stunning choker will look fantastic with your mermaid outfit, but it’ll also turn heads whenever you wear it. Chunky and eye-catching you will be the center of attention wherever you go, when you’ve got this piece on.

Chunky Choker
Rs. 1199


9. Scaley Flare

Don’t miss up on an opportunity to wear some scales, even if it’s in tiny quantities! This gun metal cuff has delicate scales on it that are just the right touch of mermaid for an everyday outfit. Totally unisex and every bit as stylish, what more do you need from an accessory?

Gunmetal Cuff
Rs. 299


10. Business Merman

Trick your everyday business suit out with a pair of scale textured cufflinks. Whether you’re at the boardroom or going to a gentlemans’ club, wearing these sterling silver cufflinks will surely set you apart. Feel like you’re a real merman with these on your cuff.

Scale Cufflinks
Rs. 3499


Is that enough mermaid for one day!? Well, if not, keep visiting PropShop24 every week, as we’re constantly adding new products – you never know what you might find. So, what’s your favourite product from the list? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy Propping!

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Image courtesy Featherella