Your Monday begins with blues and as the week proceeds, you probably drag days waiting for the weekend. The Friday ticks on your calendar and within a blink of an eye, its already S – Monday. Such is life!

Do you live the same monotonous life? Fellas, y’all deserve a short break from your boring 9 – 5 job.

A small get away from the urban chaos is extremely rejuvenating and only increases your efficiency at work. But before you get on your small vacay, here are a few travel essentials you need to pack.

Passport Case – Brown Leather  

RS. 750/-

Leather always keeps it classy. This chic passport holder will keep your travel essentials in stylish order, as you take off, to explore the world. Get all your flying essentials together.

Pouch – Random Crap

RS. 350/-

Avoid flimsy plastic bags or a big hard case and save room when you pack with one of our pouches and bags.

Travel ToothBrush Holder 

RS. 250/-

With all the big things on your checklist, we often tend to forget these little things. Protect your toothbrush from bacterial growth with this toothbrush holder which totally pays for itself!

Travel Mug – Car 

RS. 700/-

If you’re a lover of hot coffee round the clock, this one comes to your rescue. This chargeable travel mug fits in all standard vehicle cup holders and guarantees you your favourite beverage at any point in time. So why not invest some bucks for your own luxury?

Multi Purpose Travel Pouch – Red 

RS. 350/-

You don’t need to whack your brains on your lost toothbrush or stained make up brushes! This one will help you keep your basic essentials together.

Reason enough to plan a small get away?

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