Apart from our homes, our cars are a mini sanctuary where we get to wait out the chaotic traffic jams and long commutes to work. This reason alone is enough to make your car as personal and pimped out as possible. Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated a list that focuses on all the car accessories you need to make those car journeys more pleasant.

1. No Slip And Slide

Are you always trying to grab at the tissue box in your car, but with each turn it gets further away from you? Luckily this zen style tissue box has anti-slip on the base so that it stays in place no matter what hair pin bend is coming up.

Zen Tissue Box
Rs. 788


2. Kids Will Love It

Make that evening snack time in the car a lot more peaceful with this handy car dining tray. It folds out much like a plane tray, but this one has dedicated spaces for glasses and containers so that spillage is kept to a minimum.

Dining Car Tray
Rs. 649


3. Car Pockets

Just like our handbags and jeans, cars need pockets too. These two caddies fit in between the gear console and seats, which is often the place that your mobile slips through while driving. Store spare change or parking slips easily with this set-of-two car caddy.

Car Caddy Set-Of-Two
Rs. 350


4. Don’t Litter

There is never a reason to throw your trash out the window, especially with this portable car dustbin. Throw all your trash in this bin, which fits in any standard size cup holder.

Car Dustbin
Rs. 280


5. Catch Some ZZZs

With your driver at the wheel battling through heavy traffic, there is no better time to chatch 40 winks. This headrest fits on the seat belt, giving your head the support and comfort it needs.

Car Headrest
Rs. 350


6. Hot Cup Of Jo

Keep your coffee hot on the go, with this insulated tyre travel mug. It keeps your coffee warmer for longer, which is essential when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic and need that caffeine fix.

USB Travel Mug
Rs. 510


7. Stay Safe

It’s always good to have a first aid kit in your car. This red medicine pouch has space for all the essentials like gauze, anti-sceptic creams and bandages. You never know when you might need some of these items while travelling.

Medicine Pouch
Rs. 359


*First aid supplies and medicine not included in pouch.

8. Mr. Car Hook

Don’t you hate having to keep your expensive bags on the shoe mat when the car is full? Well, with these car hooks that go onto any standard car seat, your bags will always have a place to rest. Plus it keeps the bag from falling over and spilling all its contents in the car.

Car Hook
Rs. 200


9. Netflix And Cruise

Long journeys can be boring unless you’ve downloaded your favourite series on Netflix. You can easily watch them handsfree with this car phone mount. Leave the driving to your driver and enjoy your series binge.

Car Phone Mount
Rs. 399


10. Travel Pillow

Bumpy roads and lengthy road trips can cause havoc on your neck, especially when you’re trying to sleep in the car. A trusty memory foam neck pillow will give you the support you need to catch up on sleep, so that when it’s your time to take the wheel you’re ready to go.

Travel Neck Pillow
Rs. 850


Got a road trip coming up? We’re sure our car accessories will come in handy, now all you got to do is hit the road.

Happy Propping!