Makeup, makeup, makeup! It’s all about having that flawless beauty look that enhances your features and makes you feel confident. While we may not have the answers to all your beauty questions, we do have some helpful beauty tips based on your personality.

How are we judging your personality you ask? Well, according to your makeup preferences obviously! Go ahead and pick a makeup personality trait below and we’ll give you a beauty tip that will help you achieve your beauty goals.

1. For The Mascara Addicts

Beauty tip: If you’re fed up of getting mascara on your eyeshadow or on the lid of your eye, then it’s time to use the business card trick. After you’ve done your eye makeup, take a business card and place it above your lash line, covering your lid. That way, when you apply your mascara, the wand’s bristles will get any extra product on the card and not your lid.

Flawless Mascara Makeup Pouch
Rs. 399


2. For The Contouring Queens

Beauty tip: Opt for cream based concealers and contour makeup instead of powder to get a better and more crisp definition. However, when it comes to highlighters opt for powder based ones, since it is easier to blend in and get that natural, effervescent glow.

Contour Makeup Pouch
Rs. 700


3. For The Makeup Newbies

Beauty tip: If you’re new to makeup and love the natural, rested and relaxed look, then it’s all about having good skin. Use an SPF cream every day for healthy and sun-protected skin. Plus, if you need extra coverage use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Relax Flamingo Makeup Pouch
Rs. 599


4. For The Glitter Girls

Beauty tip: We’ve all struggled with trying to get glitter nail polish off our nails, while they look incredible on, it’s difficult to get off. In our experience, soaking your nails in acetone-free nail polish remover works the best. Take a small shot glass and fill it with the remover, soak each nail for 30 seconds or more depending on the density of the glitter particles. Then use a remover soaked cotton ball to remove the polish. Make sure you use a hand cream and cuticle oil after you’ve done this process to moisturize your fingers.

Glitter Makeup Pouch
Rs. 499


5. For The Blending Fanatics

Beauty tip: So, you’ve mastered the use of the beauty blender and perfected your makeup technique. After spending hours blending and making sure you’re looking fabulous, it’s time to make that hard work last. A good tip is to use a setting spray that will hold makeup for longer, all while keeping your skin and face looking hydrated.

Blending Is My Cardio Makeup Pouch
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6. For The Makeup Shopaholics

Beauty tip: Don’t just keep buying, you have to spring clean too! No matter how many products you have, makeup does expire. We repeat – makeup expires! Every 2 months, go through your makeup pouch and look for the expiration dates. Using makeup or beauty products that are way past their expiry dates can cause clogged pores that lead to acne – nobody wants that!

Quirky Heart Pouch
Rs. 400


7. For The Wanderlust Babes

Beauty tip: While travelling, it’s all about carefully selecting your essentials. Many times it’s easy to fill up your pouch with makeup and completely forget about your beauty routine. Our tip is to always carry makeup wipes, your night cream and moisturiser. Hotel toiletries may not be great for your skin and having the products you’re used to will ensure that your skin looks amazing on your holiday.

Portable Waterproof Makeup Pouch
Rs. 649


8. For Those Who Do Their Makeup On The Go

Beauty tip: Have a separate makeup pouch in your handbag that is ready to go at all times. This bag should have a concealer and BB cream – both are easy to apply in the car. Apart from that, you should carry your go-to lipstick, mascara and eyeliner. Everything you need for looking amazing on the go.

Everyday Essential Pouch
Rs. 399


9. For Those Who Love A Full Face Of Makeup

Beauty tip: Invest in good foundation brushes. You could have the best products but if you don’t have the right tools, you’ll never get that flawless finish you’re after. As an added bonus, go to the showroom of a reputed beauty brand and ask the makeup artists there to show you how to use those brushes.

Did Not Wake Up This Way Pouch
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10. For The Risk Takers

Beauty tip: If you’re the type of girl that loves trying trends and rocking some killer makeup looks, then why not go geometric with your eyeliner too. There are so many cool thinkgs you can do with your gel liner – a double flicked cat eye, where you add not one but two flicks at the end of your eye or you could even do a double liner, where you repeat the same line just above the first you applied. Go on Experiment!

Geometric Makeup Pouch
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We don’t know about you but all this talk about makeup has put us in the mood to make plans tonight and try some fancy makeup looks. First things first though, time to buy more makeup pouches, one is never enough for our ever-increasing makeup products.

Happy Propping!