A cozy leather lazy boy, some posters from a 70s rock band and a few heyday pictures where everyone is wearing bell bottoms! Yes, we’re talking about your dad’s man cave – the one space that your dad gets to decorate and do whatever he wants with.

Every father out there has a special little nook or room in the house that’s their sanctuary. Whether he has a whole room or just the master bathroom to call his own – for this father’s day we’ve curated a list of fantastic man cave gifts that he is going to love.

1. The Night Cap

Make that night cap ritual a bonding experience by gifting your dad a personalised whiskey glass for the both of you. Added bonus if you rock up with these glasses and his favourite single malt.

Personalised Whiskey Glass
Rs. 1350


2. Hit The Road Running

For the dads that keep fit and healthy, their man caves are probably filled with fitness paraphernalia and protein powder. Which makes this utility waist band a perfect gift and a huge style leap away from an ugly fanny pack.

Utility Waist Band With 2 Bottles
Rs. 1199


3. Is It Wine Time?

Every man cave deserves a wine tool set, especially if your dad loves a good bottle of vino. This set comes with a corkscrew, wine drip stopper and the always nifty wine pourer.

Wine Tool Set
Rs. 899


4. Checkmate And Shots

We’re sure your dad will be thrilled to spend time with you playing chess and sipping on a heady spirit. This is a great gift to not only learn a new game but also have that quality time with dad.

Hip Flask with Chess
Rs. 1779


5. Card Night

We don’t know what your poker loving father will enjoy more – impressing his card buddies with these new gold playing cards or the fact that it was the perfect gift from his favourite mini me.
Either way – it’s a win-win!

Gold Playing Cards
Rs. 499


6. A Nice Cold One

Let’s ask ourselves, is a man cave complete without beer glasses? No, and we’re sure a nice cold one in this unique beer glass will be completely satisfying. Plus, it is a great addition to your dad’s mug collection.

Beer Glass Hopped Up
Rs. 769


7. Home Improvement

Tools always come in handy for any sort of man cave project. We bet your father will have a field day with this 25 piece tool kit. Extra points if your dad is a car enthusiast.

Tyre Tool Kit
Rs. 1429


8. Stubble, No Trouble

Many fathers will say that their man cave is their master bathroom – a place where they can literally shut the world out and start their daily grooming. What’s better then, than a full shaving gift set that will have your dad looking dapper all day long.


Signature Grooming Kit
Rs. 4700


9. Bathroom Essentials

Your father is going to enjoy this gift set of bath and body products that are tailor-made for men. These products are enriched with natural ingredients such as activated charcoal and tea tree oil which will give your dad all the pampering he deserves.

The Luxury Cleanser
Rs. 1196


10. A Heartfelt Card

Last, but not the least, this is probably the best gift on this list –  a greeting card that sums up all our feelings. Take the time to write down the things you don’t always get to say or express on a daily basis. We know you adore your dad, and he’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift over anything, any day.

Amazing Dad Greeting Card
Rs. 95


No matter the gift, it’s the thought behind it that counts. We hope you have a super day with the big guy and remember to tag us in the gift exchange if you’re ordering something off this list!

Happy Propping!