Honestly, who needs reasons to love beer?

Be it a Friday evening on a beach side or your work table on a weekday, a zythophile (just another fancy word for ‘a sucker for beer’) will always find some sneaky reason to gulp down on a chilling beer.

Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea and loved since times immemorial. Doesn’t that justify how much we love beer? And who knows it better than the Amsterdam government? (wondering why) The Amsterdam government pays the local alcoholics who work as city cleaners with five beers and some more maybe!

But it’s never about just the beer. It’s your love for the crafted beers brewed in small breweries that fit the taste for your soul! And if they do, check these seven cool beer products!


Fashion Pin – Beer
Rs. 325/-


The beer pin for the beer lover inside you who believes in this fluid creativity. Jazz your bag or your jacket with this cool beer pin.


Beer Mug Cufflinks
Rs. 790/-


Wearing these doesn’t make you an Alcoholic, they just make you a fanatic – a beer fanatic!  


Ankle Socks – Beer
Rs. 350/-


Aren’t these the funkiest of the socks you’d ever wear?


Beer Phone Case
Rs. 590/-


Beer in a can or beer in a bottle? Beer. (lol)

Pouch – Blue Beer
Rs. 400/-


Your makeup bag or utility pouch, save this one up for a quirky look.  

Beer Glass – Hopped Up
Rs. 769/-


Is this a beer glass or a work of art celebrating history’s one of the great inventions – the beer bottle? Either way, its sure to get a few laughs from any crowd of happy hour heroes and help you quench your thirstiest thirst!

Who does beer the boring way? This stylish and classic beer stein has distilled water (beer coloured) inside of it. You must freeze the mug before use to keep your beer chill without diluting the drink.

We’re sure you’ve run out of reasons not to fall in love with beer.

Whatcha waiting for? Wear your beer – o – philia up your sleeves with these cool beer accessories.

Happy Propping!

Featured Image Courtesy – JudeLandry.com