There is nothing like moving to a new home, whether you’re renting or you’ve recently bought your own place – moving into a new space is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself.

When your friends visit you, it should feel like they’ve walked into your world – a glimpse into what your oasis looks and feels like. Our list has some unique and fun decor pieces that will help any new space feel like home and inject bundles of personality into your new living space.

Let’s begin!

1. Sweet Sign

Besides having a fluffy, happy dog to welcome you home – a ‘home sweet home’ sign is the next best way to be greeted at the door. A statement sign like this one immediately gives your guests and yourself that warm feeling of stepping into a chill and inviting home.

Home Sweet Home Sign
Rs. 1849


2. Safari Flair

These animal jars are just what a bathroom needs. Not only are they a smart storage idea, but they’ll brighten up a stark cold bathroom. Use them for your toiletries or alternatively, place them on your dressing table for your makeup accessories. Either way, they’re super cute!

Animal Jars – Set of 4
Rs. 2800


3. Bling Bling

These mermaid cushion covers aren’t just pretty and glitzy to look at, but they’re also strangely therapeutic. Creating patterns and playing with the sequins is a really fun and relaxing activity, one that you and your guests are going to love.

White Gold Mermaid Cushion Cover
Rs. 890


4. Green With Envy?

Marble print accessories are so hot right now, and they have been for a while. There is something about the marbled effect on everyday items that automatically make them seem chic and current. This marble tissue box will make your friends green with envy, plus it’s a classy way to hide the actual boxes they come in.

Green Marble Tissue Box
Rs. 599


5. Jewels On Display

These geometric glass jewellery boxes are making a comeback. They were really popular in the 80s and have slowly been popping up everywhere of late. We like the fact that you can immediately see what jewellery pieces are in there before opening the box – makes looking for accessories easier. If you’re not big on jewellery, you could use this as a candy jar and display it on your kitchen countertop!

Glass Jewellery Box
Rs. 1550


6. A Classic Game

For all those who are still kids at heart, this one is going to pull at all kinds of strings. This classy looking version of your favourite childhood past-time is a must have for any game room. Made from wood, you and your child/friend can spend hours trying to battle it out – the best part is, no pen and paper required.

Tic Tac Toe
Rs. 650


7. Florals

If you can’t find the time to bring fresh flowers into your home on a regular basis, the next best thing is a floral scented candle. These candles have a shabby-chic vibe and come in a set with four different floral aromas – one jar for each room!

Metal Jar Candles – Set Of 4
Rs. 2000


8. Hawaii Vibes

We love the idea of having this wall plaque hanging outside, near your main door. Aloha is such a fun, warm and refreshing way to greet anyone and that’s exactly the energy we want your guests to have before they enter your home.

3D Wooden Aloha Wall Plaque
Rs. 1100


9. Zen Garden

Whether you have an actual zen garden or balcony or cosy spot to take a chill – this Buddha art piece will be an uplifting feature for any wall. Art is so important for home and a zen piece like this will definitely bring in those positive, calming vibes that every home requires.

Buddha Wall Art
Rs. 3600


10. Quirky Jewellery

Don’t you just hate it when you find a pair of earrings you’re dying to wear but can’t find the correct clasp? Well, the good thing about this quirky deer jewellery stand is that in order to hang them, you have to use the corresponding clasp. Apart from its obvious utility, we think it’s a stand-out talking piece that will compliment any dressing table.

Deer Jewellery Stand And Tray
Rs. 399


We could go on with other decor ideas, but for now, we’ll stop at these 10 products. There are new home decor and accessory items being added every week, so if you’re in the mood to decorate, keep checking back! In the meanwhile, we hope you have fun doing up your new home!