There is always a good reason to shower your mom with gifts, but mother’s day is the big one. Now, there are different types of moms – we have the boss ladies, the over-organised, the super fit – you name it there are moms of all personalities. This is what makes getting them a meaningful and useful mother’s day gift a little bit difficult.

Not to worry though, we’ve kept this in mind while curating our gift guide. Go ahead, find the personality that best suits your mom and let us know what you think of the corresponding mother’s day gift.

1. The Moms That Love To Bake

A fancy gilded wooden cake stand is the perfect gift for the moms who love to bake, and always have a batch of cupcakes or brownies waiting for you when you get home. Plus, along with the mother’s day gift you can also offer your services as the official “mommy’s bake-goods” taster!

Golden Cake Stand
Rs. 2990


2. The Boss Lady Moms Who Have Their Own Empire

These independent and empowered moms need a ‘to-do list’ notebook that is as awesome as they are. Somehow they manage to make it for all the board meetings and all the school events, and we’re guessing it’s because she makes all her notes in a pocket size book like this one. You can personalise this mother’s day gift by getting your mom’s name printed on it, making it all the more special.

Personalised To-Do Notebook
Rs. 700


3. The Moms Who Look Flawless No Matter What

If your mom is the type of woman who goes about her busy day all while looking fabulous, then we know she’ll love this gift. It’s a makeup pouch that is small enough to carry in her tote for those touch ups on the go.

Yellow Makeup Pouch
Rs. 650


4. The Moms Who look Savvy From Head To Toe

Fashion doesn’t always come naturally, but some moms really know how to pull off any look. Why not gift your fashionable mom a pair of earrings that can be worn with all those amazing outfits? These ones are detachable – the ‘droplet’ section of the earring can be paired with other studs. Versatile and unique jewellery, just like your mom’s personality and sense of style!

Geometric Detachable Earrings
Rs. 1059


5. The Moms Who Just Need A Little Serenity

Most moms tend to be stressed, it’s hard to run a house and be the head of the family. That’s why soothing aromatic candles are the perfect calming gift for any stressed-out mom. This one comes in a gorgeous glass container, that can be recycled as a jewellery box once the candle is completely extinguished.

Apple Cinnamon Candle
Rs. 500


6. The Moms Who Can’t Function Without Tea

Supermoms will agree that their morning cup of tea is the most important. It’s a time when she gets to gather her thoughts, plan her day and enjoy a moment of peace. Why not level up her tea game with this luxurious gift box of floral teas. It contains four floral tea blends – Chamomile and Green Tea, Lavender and Rosemary Tea, Rose and Tulsi Tea, and Hibiscus and Cinnamon Tea.

Floral Tea Gift Box
Rs 1260


7. The Moms Who Believe In – Slay All Day, Then Rosé

What mom doesn’t like a good glass of wine at the end of a hectic week (or day). Well, if she is the type of lady who is always carrying a bottle to go see her girlfriends, she’ll love these wine bags – perfect for carrying her bottles of Rosé in it!

Faux Leather Wine Bag
Rs. 600


8. The Moms Who Have The Abs And The Wisdom Of The Yogis!

Yoga loving moms always need cute gear to take with them to class. What’s more adorable than this ‘inhale exhale’ yoga mat bag? The quote on it is something all moms need to hear from time to time!

Inhale Exhale Yoga Mat
Rs.  750


9. The Moms With The Sweet Tooth

If your mom loves to end the day with something sweet then why not indulge her sweet tooth with an assortment of cookies? This floral gift set comes with six mini-jars of unique cookie flavours. The cookies with this box include Raspberry Jam, Ginger Snaps, Lemon, Beetroot and Dark Chocolate, Carrot with Chia Seeds and lastly, Wheat Flour with Jaggery.

Cookie Gift Box
Rs. 1049


10. The Trendy Mom Who Can Rock Any Look

These moms know that the success of any outfit are the accessories, especially a trendy pair of sunglasses. We know your fashion-forward mom will love these sunglasses, they’re neutral enough to go with any outfit but still have a flair to them.

Polarised Sunglasses
Rs. 1799


11. The Make Up Loving Mom

Mommies who love their makeup products are going to swoon over this mother’s day gift. This deep burgundy-plum colour will be a unique addition to her already bursting lipstick collection. We’re sure she’ll be thrilled with this alluring satin matte lipstick.

Lipstick – Plum Striker
Rs. 500


12. The Mommies-To-Be!

All the soon-to-be mommies deserve a mother’s day gift too. This luxurious body cream is what any pregnant lady needs. It’s free from SLS and parabens making it safe to use daily. Plus, its lightweight formula is ideal for keeping skin hydrated without feeling sticky during these hot summer months.

Mother’s Day Cream
Rs. 299


13. The Moms Who Are Really Your Best Friend

These moms are the ones that you connect with on a deeper level, not just as a caregiver but also someone you truly love sharing secrets with and doing activities together – a best friend. She’ll love nothing better than a greeting card with a handwritten letter telling her how much you care about her. So, pour your heart out into this cute greeting card – we’re sure it’ll be a gift she’ll remember forever.

Best Mom Ever Greeting Card
Rs. 120


Well, that’s our list, we hope you enjoyed it. No matter what you decide on getting your mom, the best gift will always be to spend the day with the lady who always puts you first. If you don’t see something, you like on our list, head to our ‘Mother’s Day Collection’ page where we have an array of gift options.

Happy Propping!

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Feature Image by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash