India’s most colourful festival is almost upon us which means we’ve got to prepare for those Holi parties with some merchandise and munchies! Many of us like to go to some sort of music concert/ Holi party, but the pre-game and post party vibes are just as important as the main event.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve rounded up some important merchandise and munchies that you’ll need for this Holi festival.

1. Balloon Trouble?

One of the most tedious jobs on Holi is filling the water balloons – this can take hours depending on many you want to keep ready beforehand. Well, this nifty device helps to speed things along. Attach the object to your faucet, then tie the water balloons to each straw/pipe – once you turn on the water, the balloons start to fill up evenly. This is a great Holi party idea don’t you think?

Water Balloon Filler – Set Of 3
Rs. 359


2. Play Nice

Let’s skip those toxic colours, shall we? It’s about time you switched to eco-friendly and non-toxic colours that are good for you and the planet! These royal colours come in a pack of 5, so you’ll have enough to shower on your friends. Also, each colour has its own fragrance – red rose, blue lavender, orange chandan, chrome saffron, yellow lime, green khas and pink fantasy rose – how exotic!

Royal Non-Toxic Colour
Rs. 199


3. Snack Smarter

It’s no secret that you need tons of energy on Holi to chase after friends, throw colour, fill water guns and dance to some Amitabh Bachchan tunes. Keeping that in mind, a good Holi party idea is to snack on some energy giving granola bars. These will keep you going for longer, plus, they’re kinder on the waistline!

Granola bars
Rs. 75


4. Dry Off

It’s always a good Holi party idea to carry a portable towel. Amongst your handbag of things make sure to carry this one that is made from Silver ion technology which makes it durable and helps it dries quickly too – perfect for when the festivities are over, and you have to wipe off before you get into the car!

Portable Towel
Rs. 749


5. Detox To The Rescue

Another post-Holi party essential, depending on how hard you partied, are these detox shots. They’re all natural, protect the liver and help to reduce the symptoms of a bad hangover. It’s meant to be consumed as your last drink for the day, so make sure you remember to hydrate before you hit the bed!

Detox Drink – Pack Of 4
Rs. 400


6. Puffy Snacks

We don’t know about you, but after a day of Holi activities, the munchies set in and all we can think of is eating something crunchy and spicy. Well, coming to the rescue are theses quinoa puffs in masala flavour. The best part is that quinoa is high in protein, so we don’t have to feel too bad about binging on these “healthier” goodies!

Quinoa Puffs Masala Flavour
Rs. 65


7. Cosmo Power

Sex And The City may have made these little pink drinks popular in the 90s, but they’ve sort of disappeared in the last couple of years.  It’s time to bring them back and what better day than on Holi where pink is the most popular colour. This cocktail mix can be consumed with or without alcohol, perfect for all the designated drivers out there!

Cocktail Mix Pack Of 24
Rs. 1200


8. Hair Saviour

The hair oil trick is no secret to any true Holi veteran. A good hair oil can keep your locks protected from harsh colours. However, that won’t be a problem if you’re using eco-friendly or natural colours! In either case, if you’re hair obsessed, then this olive oil with rosemary extract will help to keep your hair moisturised and protected till you hit the showers!

Olive Oil With Rosemary Extract
Rs. 650


9. Nail Love

Hate the way your nails, fingers and toes look the day after Holi? We do! Apart from getting a proper manicure and pedicure, another trick is to use a manicure scrub to help exfoliate and get rid of the colour. It may not remove all the colour, but it does help them to look semi-presentable the next day!

Manicure Sugar Scrub
Rs. 499


10. Clean Face Ritual

This after Holi party idea is one that you’ll really thank us for. The skin on our face is sensitive and prone to breakouts especially if it’s been covered with colour all day. After washing your face opt for a soothing face Turmeric ubtan session. This face pack helps combat pigmentation and reduces enlarged pores, just what you need after a day of hectic Holi activities!

Turmeric Ubtan
Rs. 701


Alright, now that we’ve imparted some of our Holi party ideas and wisdom upon you, which one will you be taking into consideration? If you need more fun Holi merchandise then do check out PropShop24 for more, we have a whole section dedicated to all these goodies. Also, if you’re big on the munchies, we have a lot more snacky options for you to choose from, so have fun ordering!

On a different note, do remember to be kind to everyone involved while playing Holi. If you see our stray animals being subjected to colour – stand up for them!

Play Safe and Happy Propping!


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Image coutesy Marcin Dampc from Pexels