If you’ve been following us on our social media, you will have no doubt seen Mehak Nagpal in our stories and the behind the scenes videos. Mehak is a bit of a hoarder when it comes to cute stationery and we have a ton of those products on our website. In fact, that’s how Mehak first heard of us. She kept following our social media to see our newly added products, and when she saw that we were hiring, she applied! That’s how we found her CV at our desk when we were looking to hire someone for marketing, social media and PR.

In the 6 months Mehak has been with us she has become an integral member of the team. Which is why we wanted to do this month’s ‘Meet The Team’ blog on her. There is more to Mehak than just her designation and her love for stationery. So, let’s dive in and get to know a little bit more about her.

Team PropShop24: What do you do for PropShop24 and what do you like about working here?
Mehak Nagpal:I joined PropShop24 about six months ago. Currently working in the marketing team, taking care of the blog and content strategy, PR and corporate orders. Additionally, love coming up with content for our Emailers, Facebook & Instagram ADs.
I absolutely love the work environment. It’s super chill and fun! The fact that every day is a new experience and you’re constantly growing is extremely satisfying.

TPS24: Before you started working, how did you find out about PropShop24?
MN: Since I was constantly on the lookout for what’s new at Propshop24, I came across them hiring on Instagram! At that point, I really wanted to work on something new and challenging like online marketing. I have always loved what they do, and back then I knew this would be the right thing for me to take up.

Also, I’m a huge stationery hoarder, so, it would be a fail if I didn’t know about PropShop24! There are so many cute things to buy, I mean who would have thought of stocking envelope shaped paper clips – only PropShop24 of course!

TPS24: What made you go into the world of digital marketing?
MN: I was in college finishing my bachelor’s degree in management studies when I decided to specialize in digital marketing. I wanted to practically explore the online space and challenge my knowledge about digital marketing – so I was on the lookout for a unique opportunity. There’s a lot to Digital Marketing but one thing that absolutely amazes me is that how detailed can your targeting get to help you achieve the maximum ROI.

TPS24: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
MN: Whipping some delicious desserts in my very own patisserie! Turning my sweet-tooth into a passion – don’t know what could be better!?

TPS24: What’s your idea of an ideal vacation?
MN: Lots of sleep, lots of Beer and some good soul food! Bali and Ladakh have been on the top of my bucket list since a while now!

Ubud, Bali – Image Courtesy balisafestdriver.com
TPS24: Kill, marry, befriend and hook up – one celebrity/ role model and why?
MN: Marry Varun Dhawan because of his good looks, good looks aaand good looks! Hook up with Ranveer and Ranbir because one ain’t enough. Be best friends with KJO, I mean who wouldn’t want all that gossip? And kill every rickshaw guy who says no to me.

TPS24: What are your favourite things to gift a friend, a boyfriend and a family member?
MN: There are so many unique gifts available on PropShop24 that I’m constantly showering my loved ones with goodies. However, here are some that I’m lusting over:

1. Dripping In Rose Gold

Obsessed with all things rose gold I’m currently crushing on this statement Rosegold watch.

Rose Gold Watch
Rs. 1099


2. Carry Your World

My mom carries a hell of a lot of things in her handbag. I think this bag would add the right amount of style and comfort to her everyday look!

Tan tote
Rs 1900


3. Jewellery To The Rescue

My sister just doesn’t seem to have enough hoops! Adding to her obsession, I would totally go for these pretty gold ones.

Love Hoop Earrings
Rs. 499


4. Something For The men

This compact travel men’s grooming set is super handy and makes the perfect gift for my brother!

Grooming Set Of 4
Rs. 1050


TPS24: What has been the best gift you’ve ever gotten till date?
MN: My sister made a jar for me which had 365 reasons why she loves me! By far, that has been the sweetest birthday gift I have ever received.

TPS24: If you won the lottery today, what is the first thing you would buy and do?
MN: A hell lot of retail therapy while I travel the world in my private jet.

TPS24: Tell us one thing you wish people knew about you, and one thing you wish they didn’t know about you.
MN: One thing people should know about me is my drinking capacity, and the other thing people shouldn’t know about me is what happens after I reach my capacity!

TPS24: What’s the top 3 songs on your playlist at the moment?
MN: I’m am absolutely loving these three songs, and they’re probably my go-to no matter my mood. The first two, ‘Lambergini’ and ‘Perfect’ are I’m sure already on your playlist, but ‘She Move It Like’ may or may not be on there. I guess it depends on how big a Badshah fan you are!

Thanks, Mehak!

We’ve asked all our colleagues in the ‘Meet The Team’ blog series about their favourite songs, so if your playlist needs an update, then take a look at those past blogs for some inspiration. Mehak is the busy body involved with all the fun PropShop24 social media videos so keep a watch out for her.

Don’t forget to keep us in mind when you’re looking for unique gift ideas for your friends and family. We add 300+ products every week to the Propshop24 website, so the options are plenty and quirky!

Happy Propping!

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