Here at PropShop24, we like working and building a team of energetic young people. Aftab Shaikh fits that mould. At the moment he is juggling between his school and work life  – finishing off university, all while working here, with us, in the merchandising and sourcing department.

Interestingly, Aftab identifies with House of Stark and would gladly follow Arya on any quest. That’s not all we got to know about Aftab – let’s see what else we managed to pry out of him!

Team PropShop24: What do you do at PropShop24, and what is it like working here?
Aftab Shaikh:
I work in the merchandising and sourcing department. It’s a wonderful opportunity that I have got, and it’s really fun to work here. All my colleagues are really nice and helpful.

TPS24: What sparked your interest in retail?
The idea of conversing with different people every day and the nature of the business is what sparked my interest in retail. I like understanding what the customer opinion is – the critical role that people play in retail is amazing. Plus, I really love conversing and meeting new people – which you get to do when you’re involved in retail.

TPS24: What’s one thing you do to beat stress and why?
My number one thing to do is take a break from all social media platforms! Second, it would be binge-watching movies and shows on Netflix – it’s a real stress buster.

TPS24: What’s on your reading/watching list this month?
I watched the movie ‘The fault in our stars’ and I totally loved it. So, after watching the movie, I was inspired to read the book. I’ve only just started reading it and I have to admit, I’m enjoying the book more than the movie. As for my movie watching list – I have seen all the movies Marvel has released till date. I’m partial to re-watching the movies because of the superheros, especially my favourite – Tony Stark!

TPS24: We hear you’re a coffee connoisseur – so, tell us, where have you had the best cup of coffee, till date?
The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had was, the cafe latte, at Le 15 Cafe in Colaba. They make the perfect blend, and just one cup in the morning is enough to take me through the day. I feel incomplete without my coffee fix! The next place I want to try is Blue Tokai. I’ve heard great things about their coffee blends and can’t wait to try it.

TPS24: If you could take a week off to go on holiday – where would you go and who would you go with?
Actually, I love to travel solo. I would really like to visit Bali or the Bahamas, as I’ve not been there yet.  It would be nice to go around exploring with my camera and see the world through my lens.

TPS24: One person you would like to swap lives with for a day, and why?
I would like to live a day in the life of Mr Mukesh Ambani. I would love to explore his lifestyle. Plus, it would be nice to experience, firsthand, his level of smartness.

TPS24: If you could change anything about your life right now, what would it be and why?
Honestly, I do not want to change anything about my life right now. I’m really happy with how it is going!

TPS24: What are your favourite things to gift?
Everyone loves to travel, that’s why I would love to gift the products below.

1. Traveller’s Backpack

I have a gazillion friends who love trekking and what better gift to get them, than this backpack. This product is a one-stop solution to all trekking problems.

Multi Utility Waterproof LED Backpack
Rs. 12,149


2. Travel Essential

Passport covers are super trendy right now. Plus, my friends and I love to travel – a cover like this really describes our personality.

World Traveller Passport Cover
Rs. 1100


3. Faux Leather

A backpack like this is super chic and great for your everyday commute to work. Plus, it’s made from faux leather  – perfect for vegan or conscientious friends.

Faux Leather Black Backpack
Rs. 3500


TPS24: Would you rather go back in time and change something in your life or be able to see what your future has in store for you?
I would love to see my future. If I don’t like what I see, I can make changes accordingly!

TPS24: Now that GOT is over, which house do you feel you’re most like?
House of Stark – Because of Arya Stark. She is savage and a total boss lady. I like House Stark because they are like the first family of Game Of Thrones. Plus, it’s nice that most of the wolf pack survived!

TPS24: What’s the top song on your music list right now, why do you like it?
The songs I’ve been listening to, a lot lately, are – We will rock you by Queen, it really gets me in the groove. The other, again by Queen, is called I want to Break Free – it calms me down.

Who would have thought that this young university lad loves listening to good old Queen!? We learn something new with each of these ‘Meet the Team’ blogs! We hope you enjoy reading them as well. Do come back for more blog content, we put up new blogs each week. So, whether you’re looking for gift ideas or to know more about team PropShop24 – you know where to go!


Happy Propping!

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