It’s not an easy task to run things with ease making sure everything from products to services are all working in harmony. Udit Jain, however, our operations manager does just that. His knowledge on all things PropShop24 and its various internal systems are what make our little unit work at its best.

That’s not all there is to Udit, on the weekends he loves to catch a live music gig and his Sundays are usually spent getting tons of sleep. Sounds like a chilled weekend plan to us. Speaking of being chilled, when we asked him about how he keeps cool during the summer, his answer was to simply ‘stay indoors in the AC and sip a beer’ – Couldn’t agree more!

We wanted to dive deeper into Udit’s personality to find the qualities of what make him a key member of our team, so we asked him some quick and fun questions. Let’s take a look at his answers.

Q1: What is your favourite movie of all time and why?
Udit: The Dark Knight because it keeps you on edge for all 2 Hrs 32 Mins. Probably one of the few movies where almost each and every dialogue matters and contributes to the character buildup till the end.


Q2: Salty or Sweet, when it comes to snacks which do you prefer?
U: Salty Snacks and Sweet Chocolates.

Q3: If you won the lottery:
Who would you call first to tell?
U: My Dad.
Where would you travel to first and why?
U: Tierra Del Fuego because it looks calm and serene and would be a perfect getaway from this cruel fast life.
What would you buy yourself?
U: Mclaren P1.

Q4: What is that one song you wouldn’t mind listening to every day for the rest of your life?
U: David August – Patria (Feat. Sissi Rada) but I’m also partial to Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra.

Q5: What was the last PropShop24 gift you gave someone and why?
U: Scented candle for my aunt. I like it because it burns evenly. Plus it has a delicious fragrance that fills the room when it’s lit.

Vanilla Scented Candle
Rs. 399


Q6: What’s it like working at the PropShop24 offices?
U: The environment feels like an extended family with professionalism. It is extremely relaxed and yet no one shirks their responsibilities and we all work as a team for the larger good of the organisation.

Q7: Lastly, tell us your top 5 PropShop24 favorites and why you love them.
U: The top things I like and actually use are:

1. These Sunglasses As they Help When I’m Hungover

Round Double Black and Gold Sunglasses
Rs. 1399


2. I Like This Because It Helps To Never Lose Your Essentials

Leather Valet Tray
Rs. 550


3. Well, Who Doesn’t Like Whiskey Glasses With Their Name On It

Personalised Whiskey Glass
Rs. 1350


4. It’s Just Cool And You Don’t Lose Your Pen Either

Pen Holder Bookmark
Rs 550


5. My Cure For The Monday Blues

Candle- Positive
Rs. 650


Well, there you have it, an inside look at one of our team players. If you like blog posts like these, then stay tuned for more. We’re going to be featuring our PropShop24 family once a month. So, till next time – Happy Propping.

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