The best resource for any company is its employees and team work quotient. And PropShop24 nails it with its team work. With a bunch of cool people driven by passion for work, we, at PropShop24 choose to introduce to you fellas, these cool nerds behind the glam and glitter of PropShop24.

Graphic designers are messy and probably living in their own bubble. And our very own propper, Urvi Mehta is no exception to this. She loves colours and has an enviable Instagram newsfeed. She is intensely into numismatics and plays Coldplay on loop. Urvi has a masters in commerce but her passion is art & design. She is obsessed with illustrations and art blogs.  At PropShop24, she is a graphic designer and carries off the responsibility for our creatives & product line.

How about you have a look at her personal favourite illustrations of herself?

In a fun conversation with this nerdy chic, we unveil the personality behind all the hard work to make our creatives.

  1. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your memory?
  2. Beer and Pizza or Wine and Pizza?
    Beer & Pizza. And some pineapples.
  3. Monochrome or CMYK?
    Life is better in spring! So, CMYK!
  4. How will you describe life at PropShop24?
    If I had to choose between a boring weekend or chilling at the office, I’d definitely choose the latter. I think that pretty much answers your question! 
  5. What is so typical about the drunk you?
    I become better than you! Hehe, no, honestly, I feel much more like a sane lady! 
  6. Which era would you travel to in a time machine?
    I think living in the moment suits me better. 
  7. Your three favourite hang out places in Mumbai?
    The Machaan, The Pantry and my cozy room. *giggles*
  8. If you could be someone else – dead or alive, who would you be?
    Diela Maharani. Love her design & I really look upto her. 
  9. The one line that describes you the best.
    Drunk when sober, sober when drunk.  
  10. Life at PropShop 24?
    PropShop24 is a happening place! With pot luck lunches and crazy jokes running around the office, working feels so much less stressful. And also the team! It’s undoubtedly one of the best teams I’ve worked with! If you work at PropShop24, you’re probably a curator of cool yourself!

We’ll soon be introducing to you, the entire PropShop24 team and we honestly can’t wait! Stay tuned!

Till then, sit back and chug some vodka!