Her day begins with a hair flip and ends up with a dramatic post to add to her social butterfly Instagram. She’s young, fierce and fun, Gunjan Malhotra, the brand manager for PropShop24. Gunjan’s major obsessions include dogs, cats, Modern Family & chipotle – and that is an edited list! She loves the Maldives and sunsets on the beach with Gin & Tonic in hand. At PropShop24 Gunjan works on product curation, marketing & advertising.

It would be an understatement to call Gunjan just a pet lover. Her obsession over animals is way beyond to explain in words and that’s what makes her such a ‘crazy cat lady’! She’s been with PropShop24 for more than a year and she calls working here as a process she enjoys.

In a conversation with this fountain of sass

  1. Considering that you love pets, if you could be an animal, which one would you want to be and why?
    Cats! Because they are independent AF! Choosy lovers, such gorgeous creatures who literally need no one but often get distracted by stupid strings. hahaha
  2. Which are your three most favourite overseas destinations? 
    Maldives, Budapest and Koh Phi Phi. Beaches > Mountains
  3. Kill, Marry or Hook Up? Beyonce, Rihanna , Lady Gaga.
    Marry – Beyonce, Hook up – Rihanna – Kill – Lady Gaga (not like I hate her but I like Beyonce/ Riri more)
  4. What is the last gift you gave someone?
    Got a rakhi for my sister because I have no brother in Mumbai 🙁
  5. If you had to put your love for alcohol in one line, what would it be?
    Bad decisions but great photos.
  6. Your top five drinks?
    Hendricks, Bombay Sapphire, Gorden, ANY Prosecco and Bira Light
  7. What does Anti Pop Up mean to you?
    Stressful but SO much fun! Firstly, its an adrenaline rush, because, there’s time constraint to look out for good installation and carrying out successful marketing plans. We’re soon looking for the third Anti Pop Up. Honestly, it gives us a break from online pop ups!
  8. If you had to pick 5 of your favourite products from the site, which ones would they be?Sugar Rush Art Print
    Rs. 550/- 

    Gold Baby – Frame
    Rs. 550/- 

    Who run the world – Planner
    Rs. 450/-


    Rose Gold Stapler
    Rs. 2000/- 


    2018 Planner
    Rs. 2800/-


    Octahedron Brass Planter 
    Rs. 4790/-


  9. You’ve been with PropShop24 for quite a while. How has the journey been, for you and for PropShop24?
    When I joined PropShop24, it was a small team, but extremely effective. We came up with an idea of pop ups and soon I started working on it with Namrata. When we felt like we’ve exhausted all the categories on our site, we decided to bring categories like Mens, Food and Beauty. But we were looking for more, and so the events. In January, I completely took over merchandise and events. In totality, its been a great shift.  Honestly, its like a little baby that grew up.

G, we wish you have a great time at PropShop24.

Happy Propping!