This month we’re shining the spotlight on Mohit Gupta, who has been with us for over a year. He manages operations and helps to keep the company running like a well-oiled machine. He’s your typical guy’s guy who loves a good party and can sometimes get a little crazy. Plus, he has an interesting hidden talent, that we’re waiting to test out in the office.

So, just what makes him tick, let’s find out!

Team PropShop24: What exactly do you do at PropShop24 and what do you enjoy the most about this job role?
Mohit: I have been working at PropShop24 for a year and five months. I manage the operations at PropShop24. What I enjoy the most about this role is the learning process. No matter how prepared you are, when you get to it, you realize there are 10 other things you have to deal with. Working with my colleagues is just like spending time with your second family. The only difference is we all are crazy.

TPS24: Describe the best gift you’ve ever gotten.
Mohit: There are two actually. One was my first car which I still use. My father gifted it to me when I was 19. Couldn’t have been any more special and the second one is a scrapbook given to me by one of my best friends Disha Mordani. It’s a picture of every friend of mine and they all have written something for me. Memories are always the best gift.

TPS24: What is your favourite music to listen to on your commute to work and why?
Mohit: My recent favourite is the Bollywood song from the movie Sanju – Kar har maidan fateh. I need to hear this before I enter the office. Sets the mood for the day.

TPS24: What is your all-time favourite movie, that you can watch over and over again?
Mohit: My all-time favourite movie is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. That’s the plan eventually.

TPS24: Give us five adjectives to describe your ideal vacation
Mohit: Exciting, relaxing, original, enjoyable and economical

TPS24: Who is your role model?
Mohit: My role models are my father and my ex-manager Ashish Shadija. The things they have taught me, no one can. The man I am today is because of them. I admire their work principles and it has changed the way I work.

TPS24: What are your favourite PropShop24 products that you love to gift.
Mohit: I have two favourite gifts from PropShop24 that I love to give my friends on any occasion.

1. Hip Flask With 2 Shot Glasses

With this in your bag, you are ready at any given point of time to make it a good night. My friends and I are always looking for the next best party!

Hip Flask Combo
Rs. 599


2 Detox Drink

If you are ready to party at any given point in time then you will need this. This does wonders guys. I used this after one of our office parties so I could go to work the next day!

Alcohol Detox Drink – Pack of 6
Rs. 700


TPS24: What book do you suggest everyone should read?
Mohit: Honestly, I am not a reader. There are very few books I have read and the one I liked the most was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It’s really interesting and the end just makes you go wow.

TPS24: What is your favourite thing to do during the weekends or on holiday?
Mohit: Binge watching shows on Fridays. Party and rage on Saturdays and if I’m on a holiday then relax!

TPS24: Lastly, do you have a secret talent? Such as playing an instrument, or skateboarding or even being a pro at beer pong?
Mohit: I loved solving the Rubik’s cube and my fastest personal record for completing it was 27 seconds. So, I bought the best Rubik’s cubes available and would be at it for hours.

We’re totally in agreement with Mohit about his ideal vacation and his favourite book. However, what has intrigued the most about his interview is his Rubik’s cube talent, which makes us wonder, what other hidden talents do people in our offices have. Got one you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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