Do you stop at every passing by dog on the way? Carry an extra packet of biscuits for all the dogs that stalk you back home?

Chances are, your dress is covered in dog fur all the time and you barely regret it! We get it – ‘cuz we love dogs as much as you do.

Our obsession over dogs is pretty much flagrant and all credits to our office poochos toiling around our workspace!

Meet our office queen Meishka! Belly rubs and treats are what keep Meishka loyal to this office. She prefers to take a hands off approach to most tasks assigned to her. Sharing her food is a big no-no unless you barter some for a long drive.

Cute much?

For all those dog lovers whose IG bio reads, dogs over people, we have a bunch of products JUST for you.


Coffee Mug – Think Positive
Rs. 390/-


Boost yourself every morning with a little paw – sitive energy and smiles!


Frame – Dogs Over Dudes
Rs. 550/-


She got her priorities set! Go gurl!


Clip Board + Scribble Pad – You Had Me At Woof
Rs. 800/-


Notepad with a cute doggo on it, is all you need to keep you away from the office meeting boredom. Doubt?


Laptop Sleeve – Astro Pug
Rs. 1050/-


You know your dog ain’t basic. Grab this cool pug Laptop Sleeve for your pug love!


Bookmark – Dog – Orange
Rs. 450/-

Cute 3D dog bookmark for people in love with books and paws!


Dog Magnet – Dachshund – Beige
Rs. 300/-


Keep your desk organised with these cute doggo magnets. This will light up your mood and desk for sure!

Frame – Swag Dog
Rs. 600/-


Got a little one in your life ? Or a baby shower to attend. These frames make the perfect gift for doing up your little ones rooms, so they have a can have a big grin every time they see it.


Cushion Cover – Doggy Square 
Rs. 600/-


This cute cushion cover will add a little spunk to your living room. Whatcha waiting for?

Woof woof!

To all the dog lovers out there, grab your favourites nowww!

Happy Propping!

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