Are you the type of person who has a baking playlist on Youtube? Or have all the baking shows recorded on your set top box? If you answered yes, you’re in like-minded company. We have a soft corner for baking too, especially when it comes to baking supplies.

Even if you aren’t that into baking, there are so many cool utensils and products out there, that it’s hard to imagine a life without baking. Plus, everyone should have at least one savoury or sweet bake dish in their roster that you can whip out at any time.

Which brings us to our list of baking supplies that will help you on your baking journey. Whether you’re using them for your favourite bake dishes, or you’ve just started to foray into this style of cooking – we’ve got a bunch of products that you’re going to love.

1. Pancakes!

If there is one thing that really impresses guests who are staying over, it is pancakes. If you’re not too savvy in the kitchen and can’t quite make them from scratch, don’t worry – we have the answer. This vanilla pancake premix requires just eggs, water and butter to make fluffy, hassle-free pancakes.

Vanilla Pancake Pre-Mix
Rs. 125


2. Frosting Helper

If you are known for your cupcakes and you try to make them better each time – then here is a tool you’ll enjoy. Level up your cupcake game with this two-toned frosting piping bottle that lets you pipe two different colour frostings at one time so that you get dual toned cupcakes with ease.

Two-toned Frosting Bottle
Rs. 199


3. Unicorns Are Real… Tasty

When our love for baking and unicorns combine, we get unicorn cookies of course! All you need is a fool-proof sugar cookie recipe and your handy unicorn cookie cutter. Try your hand at these unicorn cookies for your next bake-sale or birthday party, we’re sure they’ll be a hit!

Unicorn Cookie Cutter
Rs. 259


4. Perfect Cake Slices

As much as we relish in attacking whole cakes with just a fork, we understand the need for a cake knife and slice server. This stainless steel cake serving set will come in handy when you’ve got guests around and need to serve up the perfect slice of your latest creation.

Cake Serving Set
Rs. 900


5. Good Baking Vibes

Stylish bakers know that your pastries and your outfit need to look like perfection. One way to do that is to make sure you have an apron that protects your clothes from stains that can sometimes be hard to rid off. We like this cheerful pineapple print apron because you definitely need good vibes when baking!

Pineapple Apron
Rs 849


6. Cookie Mom-ster

Put your cookie making skills to good use with this cookie cutting sheet. There are a bunch of shapes on this sheet from stars, apples, hearts and pears – so you’ll always have a variety in your cookie jar. It’s also fun to have different shapes for you and your kids to decorate after the cookies are out of the oven.

Cookie Cutter Sheet
Rs. 549


7. Jigsaw Cake

We love a good space saving tool, especially when it comes to baking pans. This baking pan comes in strips that you can adjust/connect, similar to jigsaw puzzles so you can create various shapes. The box says you can achieve 50 different shapes, so go ahead and create some outrageous cakes!

Adjustable Cake Mold
Rs. 700


8. DJ Cake

Who said turntables were only for DJs? If you’re a cake decorating novice or pro, you’ll agree that a cake turntable makes life so much easier. There are many uses for this essential item, and when it comes to piping, you can’t do without one of these turntables.

Cake Turntable
Rs. 599


9. Protect And Preserve

Once your cake is painstaking decorated, protect and preserve it on a cake stand and cloche. Keep away pesky insects or kiddy fingers with this cute cake stand that comes with a glass cloche, so that your creation remains perfect till you slice it and serve it. Plus, it’s a great accessory for displaying your cake creations.

Cake Stand With Glass Cloche
Rs. 1750


10. Tea Time

Bring back the tradition of high tea with perfect bite-sized savoury and sweet snacks served on a two-tiered platter. One layer for finger food and one layer for delicious pastries, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate tea time!

Two-Tiered Platter
Rs. 2750


All this talk of baking has got us craving some freshly baked goods. Time to head to a bakery and get something to munch on! Share with us your baked delicacies, we’d love to see what you’ve created, especially if you’ve used one of the products from the list!

Happy Baking and Propping!

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