The economy seats, the lengthy stop-overs, the baby crying in the next seat – That’s right, we’re attacking the world of long-haul flights today. There’s no reason why the stars should be the only ones nailing their airport looks – us normals can give it a shot too!

Whether you’ve got a vacation or business trip coming up soon, these long flight essentials are going to help you push through. Here’s a list of simple and useful products, all with a PropShop24 spin on it – get ready to hit ‘add to cart!’

1. Hydrate Your Face

Long flights and climate control mean one thing, dry skin. You may have noticed how horrible your skin feels and looks after a long flight. Prevent this from happening with a rejuvenating and hydrating sheet mask. Apply the mask half an hour before landing, and your skin will feel back to normal!

Skincare Sheet Mask
Rs. 375


2. Neck Support

Unless you have a business class or higher seat, chances are, you’re going to have a hard time getting some sleep. This long flight essential will help you get some rest and support your neck. Plus, this neck pillow with matching eye mask, fits into any carry on luggage – making it super convenient.

World Map Neck Pillow and Mask
Rs. 699


3. Lip Care

Just like your skin, lips tend to dry up on long climate controlled flights. Never travel without one of these! This yummy watermelon lip balm is made with natural oils, butters and enriched with Vitamin E – perfect for long flights.

Watermelon Lip Balm
Rs. 200


4. Shut-Eye Time

Light sleepers have it the worst on long flights – things like the cabin lights can be extremely disturbing. There is a simple solution to this problem, an eye mask! Not only does it block out light, but it also sends a clear message to a chatty neighbour, that you don’t want to be disturbed!

Doughnut Eye Mask
Rs. 225


5. Hand Cream

This two-in-one product is definitely a long flight essential. In fact, it’s something you should have in your handbag at all times. This hand cream is a sanitizer and moisturiser in one. Perfect for travels, road trips and whatever else you’re up to. Keep bacteria away and avoid common travel bugs!

Lavender And Peppermint Hand Cream
Rs. 395


6. What Noise?

The best way to block out sounds from the cabin is to put on some earphones and listen to some music. Keep those earphone protected with this adorable flamingo print case that stores them appropriately. Plus, the case is easy to spot in your large carry-on handbag – convenience, utility and cute, now that’s an ideal long flight essential!

Flamingo Earphone Case
Rs. 165


7. All-In-One

What’s not to love about this travel wallet? While travelling, it’s so vital to have all your official documents stored in one place, that you can keep an eye on. This travel wallet is perfect for that reason – you can store your cards, ticket, money, pen and passport in one place. Plus, it has a zipper closing, ensuring that nothing falls out into your big travel tote bag.

Personalised Travel Wallet
Rs. 1550


8. Good Moisturisation!

It’s no secret that you should carry a lotion in your travel and makeup pouch. However, it’s not enough to have just any regular lotion, you need one that is effective and multipurpose. This one protects your skin from UV rays, plus, it fights skin inflammation, reduces acne breakouts and has anti-ageing properties.

Pomegranate Lotion
Rs. 550


9. Face Ready

Part of nailing that airport look is to have on a bit of makeup. We’re not saying to wear a full face, but a little touch up here and there doesn’t hurt! Carry all your makeup essentials in this cute ‘Bon Voyage’ canvas makeup pouch. All your creams and makeup will fit into it perfectly – keeping you looking fresh after any long flight!

Bon Voyage Pouch
Rs. 375


10. Easy ID

After a long and exhausting journey, it’s easy to get tired and make mistakes – like picking up the wrong bags! Don’t let that happen to you, mark your bags with personalised luggage tags. Once you see your inscribed name on these teak wood tags, there’s no way you can misplace or wrongly identify your bags!

Personalised Teak Wood Tags
Rs. 565


We’re not going to lie, all this talk about these long flight essentials has made us catch the travel bug! Beach trips, long haul flights or even a vacation to Goa – we’re up for a bit of travel, especially now that we know what must-haves to take with us! If there are still some items you think you need to carry with you, head to PropShop24, we’re sure you’ll find them there.

Happy Propping!

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Feature Image Courtesy Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash