Working from home or slaying at the office, your desk needs to be your sanctuary when it comes to work. If it gets too cluttered or overwhelming, it can affect not only your working space but also your mental space. That’s why we wanted to do a blog on de-cluttering with products you need to organise your office desk.

Usher in the new year by clearing away old papers, stationery or documents that have no value anymore. Then organise your desk by using some of these useful products that can really vamp up your desk.

1. Aqua Accents

This document organiser is excellent for those stray papers that accumulate over time. Instead of leaving them all over your desk, stack them in this aqua coloured organiser. Aqua, in our opinion, is a beautifully calming colour, perfect for when your office stress gets too much to handle.

Aqua Document Organiser
Rs. 1100


2. Pens And Things!

Desks also tend to be a black hole for all sorts of stationery. However, it doesn’t have to be. This stationery desk organiser can hold your pens, notepad, business cards and other knick-knacks. It also breaks apart so that you can store each section on your desk the way you want to. Made from pine wood, this is a smart and chic looking organiser.

Pine Wood Desk Organiser
Rs. 1499


3. Tray To The Rescue

Here’s some motivation to get you to Friday! Plus this tray is a great organising tool as well. It can hold your papers, sunglasses, notebooks, keys, earphones – you name it, you can keep in in this tray! Use it to store all your everyday essentials that can sometimes get misplaced amongst a busy desk.

Friday Tray
Rs. 1100


4. Don’t Forget

Products you need to organise your office desk can also help you with your work tasks. Don’t forget any of your priorities, write them down on this black marble effect memo pad. They come in a small metal holder so that you won’t misplace it once you’ve written down your to-dos. After you’re done with the memo pad, you can still use the holder to store other stationery.

Memo Pad – Black Marble
Rs. 400


5. Boss Accessories

Whether you are the CEO or not, this statement desk organiser will certainly give off those boss vibes. This handmade concrete mesa stucco tray organiser can hold a multitude of things such as your pens, paper clips, keys or even your sunglasses. It’s durable and will look incredible on your desk.

Concrete Desk Organiser
Rs. 3800


6. Pineapple Love

Sometimes the smallest of things can help you get organised, just like these adorable pineapple paper clips. They’re great for putting all your stray papers in order, plus, they’ll give any report a little tropical touch.

Pineapple Paper Clips – Set Of 8
Rs. 499


7. Earphone Protection

Almost everyone uses a pair of earphones when they’re at the office, especially if you need to tune out some of that useless office gossip. When they’re not in use, keep them wrapped in this leather earphone cord organiser. Protect them from getting damaged by keeping them nicely wrapped. Plus it’s easy to spot them in a crowded drawer or desk.

Mint Earphone Cord Organiser – Set Of 2
Rs. 350


8. Put A Pin In It

The best way to get stuff off your desk is to use a pinboard and tack things to it rather than have it lying around on your desk. This pinboard comes with a frame that can be mounted to your cubicle or wall. Pin some inspirational quotes or pictures of your family so that you’re always motivated when work gets stressful.

Framed Pinboard
Rs. 2500


9. Document It

Documents can really start to build up over time and finding the ones you need can sometimes allude you. Get organised by putting them into a folder according to project or priority. Your folders don’t need to be boring, especially when they can be as vibrant and fun as this one! This A5 mini folder also comes with a notepad that can help with the project’s notes or just for writing down important things from a meeting you go to.

A5  Folder
Rs. 650


10. Cable Drama

Speaking of products you need to organise your office desk – cable clips are a must-have. With all the gadgets we have nowadays, it’s impossible not to have a desk overflowing with cables. Get a grip on the cable situation by using these cable clips that bunch together cables and can be stuck onto your desk. They also prevent bends and twists that can damage the cable.

Cable Clips – Set of 6
Rs. 225


Well then, we hope these products you need to organise your office desk, will help ace your de-cluttering goals. There are a variety of products that we keep adding to our ever-increasing roster on PropShop24. So, head on over to the website to find more unique products you need to organise your office desk.

Happy De-cluttering, Organising and Propping!

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