You’ve probably heard of the freshman 15, well something similar happens when you first enter the work force. Going from a hectic college life, where you’re constantly on the move to a desk job, where activity is minimal can cause anyone to pack on the pounds – that’s the dreaded 10 we’re referring to.

A good gym routine and clean eating can help, but if that’s too much to handle on top of your work stress, then here are some things you can do.

1. Skip Sugary Drinks

If you find yourself reaching out for those sugary carbonated drinks, remember that they are just empty calories that add to your waistline. If you can’t give up carbonated drinks, then opt for ones that are sugar-free or made with natural fruit. This sparkling pink guava fruit drink has no added sugar and is made with real juice. Perfect if you’re getting those soda withdrawals.

Sparkling Fruit Juice
Rs. 80


2. Pre-Breakfast Shot

Busy work days lead to unhealthy eating and irregular meal times which means that the body doesn’t get its vital vitamins. These detox shots, not only cleanse and detoxify the body but are also pumped with vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. Have a shot daily, preferably before breakfast to make sure you’re in the green of health!

Detox Shot – Pack Of 6
Rs. 175


3. Snack Better

Stress snacking is the number one reason why many people tend to put on weight when they enter the workforce. If you can’t kick the habit, then it’s time to snack better. Don’t reach for the salty and sweet snacks but look for snacks such as these pudina flavoured makhanas/fox nuts that are easy to digest and low in calories.

Pudina Makhana
Rs. 75


4. Plan It Out

Part of why it’s easy to put on weight at work is due to the lack of meal planning. If you don’t know what to cook and carry to work every day, chances are you’ll eat out or opt for an unhealthy snack. Get yourself a meal planner and plan out exactly what your snacks, meals and drinks will be for the week. That way you can have a handle on your eating choices.

Meal Planner
Rs. 499


5. Ditch The Chips

Potato chips are everyone’s weakness but how about replacing them with something more nutrient dense like kale chips instead. They will satisfy your salty cravings plus they have that crunchy, crispy texture that makes them feel like your eating chips. They are dehydrated, not fried and at only 129 calories per serving, these are worth a shot. Give them a try, you never know, you might get hooked!

Kale Chips
Rs. 200


6. Add Flavour To Packed Lunches

Packed homemade healthy lunches can often taste bland and boring, making us crave those fatty foods. The key is to flavour your meals with herbs and seasonings that can make simple produce taste better.  Try sprinkling this Himalayan pink salt that is blended with garlic, peperoncino and Italian spices like oregano and basil over your food. It’ll instantly add flavour to any meal.

Himalayan Pink Salt With Italian Herbs And Peperoncino
Rs. 249


7. Green Tea, Tea Breaks

A good way to cut back on extra calories is to replace your cups of chai with green tea. There are many green tea blends available, but we like this detox one that has whole bits of ginger and lemongrass which aids in digestion, promotes healthy skin and hair and is said to increase the metabolic rate. Perfection in a cup!

Detox Green Tea
Rs. 450


8. Stretch More

It’s really important, especially if you have a sedentary job, to get up every few hours and stretch. Consult a yoga teacher or personal trainer for the best stretches to do at the office. There are also many Youtube tutorials on simple stretches that can help to alleviate stress and tension in muscles. Stretching helps to get the blood circulating, so you’re not left feeling lethargic at the office. If you’re not flexible, use a yoga brick to help ease you into stretches that may be difficult at first.

Yoga Brick
Rs. 299


9. Healthy Treats

Don’t give up on your sweet tooth, instead indulge in guilt-free treats that are healthy. These little mini energy bites are made with oats, almonds, chia seeds, dates and chocolate! So don’t be afraid to snack on them when your sweet tooth starts to ache.

Mini Energy Bites
Rs. 400


10. Drink Black Coffee

We understand that you need your coffee, but that usually means it comes with cream and sugar too. Instead of packing on the calories, why not drink it black. Any serious coffee drinker will tell you that the best way to drink a good cup of coffee is to first get the finest quality of coffee and then to have it black. This instant coffee is small enough to keep on your desk and only requires you to pour in hot water.

Instant Coffee
Rs. 325


We hope these easy tips will motivate you to incorporate a more healthy work lifestyle. Another great way to inspire yourself is to put up a picture of your favourite celebrity body that you aspire to have. A visual representation is always a great motivator. Good luck with shedding the dreaded office ten!

Feature Image Courtesy Get Organized Wizzards