Food is unanimously crowned as the ultimate driving force of our lives! Let it be munchies or a full fledged meal, food makes way to your heart through its dripping cheese, spicy pepperoni, hot sauces and hot chocolate. Your obsession with food is completely normal even if you tend to miss food more than your bae – because, food is forever.

And we all have that one friend who finds solutions to all their problems wrapped up in a taco. Here are five gifts that will please their love for food. Check’em out!

Phone Case – In Pizza We Trust

Rs. 590/- 

The third eye, known to develop a sight beyond the ordinary perception, if all that you dream about is a thin crust with loads of cheese – this is perfect for you!

Memo Pad – Chocolate 

Rs. 300/-

Chocolates help reduce stress and what better than a small memo pad which will help you bust that stress in ways that are a treat to your eyes? Jot down your notes or chores in this cute chocolate bar inspired memo pad that smells just as sweet!

Recipe Journal – Brown

Rs. 450/-

If you can juggle between a blender and a spatula, we can help you ace your game. Cooking is an art and we know that,  this recipe journal can be your accomplice. With systematic and pre-organised pages, keeping a track of your favourite recipes can be done with a snap!

Dipping Cone – White 

Rs. 200/-

Just got another bunch of reasons to binge on your fries with some dip? Eat your way.

Fashion Pin – Nutella 

Rs. 325/-

If it ain’t about nutella, it ain’t really worth it!  Wear your obsession up your sleeve, literally, with this fashion pin.  This pin can be easily removed and put on other surfaces as well. So, flamboyantly slay your love for Nutella!


Comment below with other products from our site that you would gift to a foodie. Till then, sit back and have a brownie!