Ask any super-host what makes a great party and they’ll tell you it’s about setting a vibe. There are many ways to get that party vibe just right, one of those ways is by making sure your decor is on point. You don’t have to go all out and hire a decorator, but sometimes, even setting up your dining table, or as some in the event’s industry call it – dressing a table – can have an impact. Having a few products, apart from your usual table setting staples will show off your table settings skills and impress your guests.

The next time you have people around for a dinner party, why not dazzle them a bit and dress your table with all these chic products that will up your party vibe and impress your guests.

1. Plate It

Interesting plates are probably the first thing you notice on a dressed table. Having pretty and unique looking plates is the first step in having your table come together for a party. Once you choose your plate, you can build around it to complement the vibe you’re after. We like this set Indigo blue floral plates as they can easily be dressed up or down with your accessories depending on the type of party you’re hosting.

Orchid Blue Started Plate – Set of 6
Rs 2000


2. Central Focus

Having a centrepiece or focus is another decor element that is key when dressing a table. Besides your food, guests should have something pretty to look at while sitting down at the table. Tea candle holders like this three-piece set, not only look elegant on the table but also offer soft lighting that adds to the overall ambience.

Tea Candle Pillar Set
Rs. 2450


3. Place Settings

A pro trip that is essential to making it look like you’ve had an expert do up your table is getting name tags or arranging the seating. You can achieve this by getting yourself these cute mini chalkboards that you can write your guest’s name on. Whether you want to set two singles up or make sure that frenemies are seated away from each other – these chalkboards will add a pro touch to your dinner party.

Mini Chalkboard Table Number Stands – Set Of 10
Rs 500


4. Unique Glassware

Don’t just use your regular water glasses, opt for something eye-catching or conversation starting. We like these iconic chai glasses that have a modern twist with its painted purple base. Their colour and playfulness will be yet another layer that contributes to the look and feel of your table setting.

Purple And Green Chai Glass Set
Rs. 1200


5. Protect Your Table

There is never a reason to have glass ring stains on your tabletop, especially if you’ve laid your table right. Coasters not only protect your tables but they also act as a decor element when setting up for a dinner party. These geometric ones have a neutral white and gold colour palette that will work with any theme and can be used along with your glasses on your table setting.

Geometric Coasters
Rs. 999


6. Food Platters

When you’re taking so much care to do up the table, don’t just use regular old dishes to serve up food or condiments. Instead, opt for interesting platters like this bamboo one to serve your creations. We like that this one comes with ceramic dishes that sit upon the bamboo tray, allowing you to serve up all your dips and appetisers in an organised and artistic way.

Bamboo Appetiser Tray
Rs. 1250


7. Season It Right

No matter how amazing your food tastes, it’s important to have a salt and pepper shaker on the table. These Eiffel Tower inspired ones add a chic and cute vibe to your table. You don’t have to use them solely for a dinner party as they’re great for everyday use too.

Eiffel Tower Salt And Pepper Shaker
Rs. 359


8. Table Staples

Along with your cloth napkins, tissue paper is another staple that your table must have. To catch a quick spill or to wipe hands and faces, either way, these tissue papers need a pretty holder. This wood Mandala print napkin holder will look great along with your table decor. It’s useful and aesthetically pleasing, what’s not to love?

Mandala Napkin Holder
Rs. 700


9. Feeling Rosey

Whether you’re serving up a hearty pulav or tasty salad, this wooden rose print bowl with two serving spoons is the ideal dish to serve it in. It’s got that shabby chic and bohemian feel that can work well with a casual or formal setting. Plus it’s light enough to pass around the table for when your guests want second helpings!

Salad Bowl With Server Set
Rs. 2500


10. Tea Time

At the end of dinner, have the plates cleared and bring out this pretty tea kettle to offer some refreshing green or Moroccan mint tea to your guests. After the delicious main course, your guests will need an after-dinner tea or coffee to have with their dessert. Bring out this floral teapot with a bamboo handle to serve up the hot beverage. Compared to a regular old plain kettle, this rose print one will look fantastic along with your table decor.

Rose Kettle
Rs. 990


Apart from the usual, placemats and tablecloth, the products mentioned above will help to take your table setting decor a few notches higher. When dressing a table the most important thing to remember is to have a balance between utility and aesthetic, everything should look pretty but must have a function as well – make it an experience for your guests that will have them wanting to come back everytime you invite!

Happy Propping!

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