Setting the tone for a dinner party or a Netflix binge session requires the perfect lighting. The right lighting can help to make your home feel cozy and inviting. We’re talking about adding some atmosphere to your home with the help of these key lamps. Have them spread around the house and you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

1. Batik Charm

This statement lamp is covered with gorgeous handmade batik paper which adds to its ethnic charm. Set in on a side table and project the light towards the wall for soft lighting, or expose the bulb if you’re looking for something stronger.

Batik Box Lamp
Rs. 6990


2. Ball Of Light

If fairy lights are your thing, then this updated version will surely be your favourite. This large ball lamp is filled with soft fairy lights that emit just the right amount of light. It’s great for adding some glow to a dimly lit bedroom.

Big LED Ball Lamp
Rs. 1300


3. Duck, Duck, Goose

Add some fun and quirkiness to your desk with this adorable metal lamp that has duck legs for its stand. It’ll be a talking piece for anyone who visits your home, there’s no doubt about that!

Duck Leg Lamp
Rs. 6490


4. Bedside Manner

Who doesn’t want to wake up to their own music instead of that cranky alarm? This LED lamp and speaker is a nightlight and alarm all in one. Perfect for those who are afraid of the dark and need to wake up on time!

LED Bluetooth Lamp
Rs. 2399


5. Tall Lamp

When you need a feature lamp for any child’s bedroom or baby nursery, look no further than this Giraffe lamp. Its lampshade gives the room just enough light for reading bedtime stories, and for making sure you don’t trip on any toys at night.

Giraffe Lamp
Rs. 4590


6. Zen Vibes

Achieve that minimalist, zen aesthetic in your home with this lovely digital clock, touch lamp. All you have to do to turn the light on is give it a gentle tap and voila, it turns on. It has two night-light settings and an alarm function, so keep this one near your bedside.

Touch LED Lamp
Rs. 2888


7. Style Meets Function

When we think of the quintessential lamp, it’s often this one we’re thinking of. This traditional style table lamp is made contemporary by its wooden frame. You can adjust it to multiple heights, which makes spotlighting easy.

Wooden Table Lamp
Rs. 3990


8. Retro Nostalgia

There is something about those old mix tapes playing on a boombox, that millennials just won’t get. Since the days of the cassette tape are long gone, why not pay homage to it was this cool retro lamp?

Cassette Lamp
Rs. 2620


9. Sakura Style

Dreaming of cherry blossoms and Japanese views? Short of buying a flight to Japan, you can accent your house with this beautiful Sakura lamp. Great for indoor or outdoor, these lamps will definitely give you that ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ feel.

Sakura Lamp
Rs. 1000


10. Origami Me Please

Can’t get enough of those geometrical and origami-inspired lines in your home? Well, this pleated lamp will definitely add value, not only for it’s aesthetic but also for its function. While it doesn’t give out heaps of light, it does help to amplify a cozy vibe with its diffused light. We love it!

Pleated Table Lamp
Rs. 3000


Don’t let your house go another day, without these fantastic lighting options. Say bye to the standard ceiling lights and hello the the new crop of stylish lighting. We hope you enjoy your time being a mini interior decorator!

Happy Propping

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