The dog lover, a crazy cat lady or bird enthusiast, there are many names to describe people who are uncontrollably obsessed with their pets. If you’ve never had the honour of a cat choosing to sit on your lap or a dog coming in for snuggles, you probably won’t understand the need to surround yourself with all things animal related.

If you do understand this, then you’re in for a treat (see what we did there). We’ve rounded up some seriously adorable products inspired by our love for pets.

1. Woof-day

Decorate your office cubicle with this cute doggie calendar. Each month has a new cartoon dog to look at and be absolutely smitten by.

Dog Calendar
Rs. 400


2. Quirky Chic

These dog socks will definitely add some personality to your everyday office suit. Better yet, wear them on your next date to see if he/she is a dog lover.

Dog Socks
Rs. 199


3. Preach Sister!

What do you prefer, dogs or people? Ask any dog lover this question and you know what the answer will be – Dogs over people!

Dog Over People Cup
Rs. 399


4. Cat-tastic!

You know your cat worshipping friends are going to fall whiskers over paws for this cat mug. Don’t you want to be the friend that gives this to them for their birthday?

Cat Mug – Black
Rs. 500


5. Your Cat Is Calling

Your cat already adorns your lock screen and your home screen on your phone. It’s logical then, that the next step is an awesome cat phone case.

Cat Phone Case
Rs. 650


6. Tweet Tweet

This wooden bird box is hand carved by Indian artisans making it a lovely addition to your dressing table. Better yet, keep it on your bedside table to store the rings and earrings that you remove before going to bed.

Bird Box
Rs 549


7. Back To School

If your little one is feeling sad to leave their favourite cat at home while they head off to school then why not brighten up their day with one of these. This super cute cat pencil box will have him/her smiling all through the day.

Cat Pencil Box
Rs. 399


8. Bird Feeder

These bird skewers will liven up any Sunday brunch table. Whether you love birds or not, it’s still a party must-have when you’re serving up some delicious snacks or fruits.

Bird Picks With Stand
Rs. 156


9. Cat Power

Cat mommies will agree that no matter what, they will always splurge on their furry babies – for these mommies, this cup is an absolute essential.

Cat Mommy Cup
Rs. 450


10. Cat Overload

Own the fact that you’re a crazy cat lady with this amazing all over cat illustrated laptop sleeve. It might seem a bit loud for some, but to a true cat lover this barely scratches the surface.

Cat Laptop Sleeve
Rs. 900


Can we just have a moment to take in all these amazing pet inspired products. Now that we’ve done that, it’s time to shop! Do send us pics with your pet and our pet inspired products, we’d be thrilled to see them.


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