The metallic trend doesn’t seem to be losing any of its steam, we still see it everywhere from home appliances to collections on the runway. Thankfully to keep things fresh it shifts focus to a new metal every season. Off late, the spotlight has been on all things rose gold and we for one are obsessed with it.

That’s why we had to curate a list of products dedicated to this fascination of ours. Whether you want to kit your house out or just get a few accent pieces, this rose gold rabbit hole will lead you to some stellar products.

1. Water Bottle

Don’t just carry your plastic bottles to work or the gym, why not show off a bit with this gorgeous hammered rose gold bottle instead. It can store just under a litre of water, which is perfect if you’re constantly on the go and need to hydrate.

Hammered Finish Bottle
Rs. 685


2. Cheers!

The cheers lettering on this bottle opener is designed in a way that can open bottles, making it functional as well as fashionable. Why get a traditional looking opener when you can get one as sleek as this?

Cheers Bottle Opener
Rs. 1800


3. Love Notes

We’d be blushing if someone left us a note with these love letter paper clips. Dainty and rose gold coloured, these paper clips are super cute, but they are also useful. They aren’t just pretty without a purpose, so the next time you want to leave a cute note for your partner, why not use one of these?

Love Note Paper Clips – Pack Of 8
Rs. 499


4. Take Over The World

You’re a #girlboss and you know it. So treat yourself to this rose gold hamper. It has all the necessary staples for your office from an acrylic stapler to a rose gold pen. Nothing screams boss like cohesive stationery.

Girl Boss Hamper
Rs. 4500


5. Tracking Time

This eye-catching wall clock is perfectly minimalist and when paired with the right accessories, will look incredible on any wall or mantle. Offset it with a graphic painting and some indoor plants for a modern aesthetic.

Rose Gold Wall Clock
Rs 2775


6. Rosey Plans

This flashy rose gold planner has slots for visiting cards, bills and papers. Perfect for organizing every second of your life. You can also personalize it with your name so that everyone knows you’re the one with the big plans!

Rose Gold Planner
Rs. 930


7. Sunny Day

You can never have too many sunglasses, there is always room for more. These rose gold sunglasses compliment olive and dusky skin tones perfectly. Plus, they look super stylish with any day-time outfit.

Rose Gold Sunglasses
Rs. 1200


8. Light Me Up

These rose gold tea candle stands are the perfect housewarming gift for a couple who have just moved into their new home. The design is a super mix between traditional and modern – great for the house’s mandir. Alternatively, you could get a few and dot them all around your balcony for a festive feel.

Rose Gold Candle Pods
Rs. 1200


9. Textured Coasters

There is nothing worse than glass ring stains on table tops and frankly, there is no excuse for them either. Protect your expensive furniture with these uber stylish rose gold, crocodile textured coasters. A little edgy and totally classy, these coasters will prolong the life of your hardwood tables.

Crocodile Rose Gold Coasters
Rs. 850


10. Table Bling

Up your dinner party game with these rose gold charger plates. There is nothing more impressive than a fully dressed table that beckons guests to wine and dine. These charger plates will not only look impressive but they frame your exquisite crockery too!

Rose Gold Charger Plate
Rs. 2595


Looking at the products above can you blame us for being so obsessed with all things rose gold? Every week, we add more new products, many of which are rose gold. So if you’re not quite charmed by something on this list, keep checking in.

Till our next obsession.
Happy Propping!


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