This year we want to level up your birthday gift game by matching the gifts to personality traits. That’s why we’re doing something a little different for this blog – we’re sharing some gift ideas for Capricorns – the birthday sign for the month of January. Capricorns are really dedicated to work and career. They love taking their work home with them whenever possible, they’re ambitious, practical, easily stressed, competitive and very bawse!

This list has gift ideas for Capricorns that work with their personality traits. So follow along as we give you some insight into the Capricorns in your life.

Here are some gift ideas for Capricorns!

1. Plan, plan, plan

Capricorns love to be organised. They plan everything out in their life and love working on making their dreams a reality. Give them a sturdy and useful personalised planner that will keep them on track all through 2019.

2019 Planner
Rs. 695


2. Desk Decor

Since Capricorns are always at their desk, working and smashing goals, why not get them some desk decor such as this practical and stylish desk organiser. Made from pine wood, they can store their business cards, knick-knacks and pens.

Pine Wood Desk Organiser
Rs. 1299

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3. The Finer Things

Capricorns love the finer things in life as they rightfully should since they work hard to achieve them. In our opinion, when we think of the finer things in life, we think jewellery. A great gift idea for Capricorns is a gorgeous piece of jewellery like these elephant tassel earrings.

Elephant Tassel Earrings
Rs. 3499


4. Practicality

As you may have guessed, Capricorns are quite practical-minded and love things that have both style and purpose. If the Capricorn in your life likes to relax with a bottle of wine (or two) on the weekend, then we couldn’t think of a better or more practical gift than this wine rack with a wine tool kit.

Wine Rack And Tool Kit
Rs. 1429


5. Competitive Much?

Capricorns have a little bit of a competitive streak, not as crazy as Monica from Friends, but it’s still pretty evident. The best way to see a competitive Capricorn in action is – POKER! This poker chip set is really compact and portable so they can take it with them to their next poker night.

Poker Chip Set – 100 Chips
Rs. 459


6. Flamingo Pop

Capricorns are so focused and serious that they need to let loose with a bottle of beer from time to time. What better way to get that point across than to gift them a cute bottle opener, like this gilded flamingo one, to remind them to unwind!

Flamingo Bottle Opener
Rs. 550


7. Focused Notes

Capricorns love to write down their goals, thoughts and ideas down – they’re always concentrating on the next step. They’ll love this notebook to keep on their desk or in their laptop bag, to make notes whenever inspiration hits.

Notebook – Focused And Fabulous
Rs. 290


8. Time to Relax

Another personality trait of a Capricorn is that they stress easily. If things aren’t going as planned or if they feel a little lost they get stressed quick. In those times, they will need a cup of calming tea and a mantra to – RELAX!

Relax Cup
Rs. 390


9. Laptop Comes First

Another great gift idea for Capricorns is a laptop sleeve. They do everything on their laptops and take their work with them, whenever and wherever they go. Hence, a smart laptop cover is a must-have for any hardworking Capricorn. This laptop sleeve print comes in every zodiac sign, make sure you click the tab to change it to Capricorn when ordering.

Capricorn Laptop Sleeve
Rs. 1100


10. On Time Is.. Late!

Capricorns are very respectful of other people’s time and tend to be some of the most punctual people you can find. Therefore they’ll love a timepiece to remind them of their appointments and just how much time they have to get to where they’re going.

Metallic Silver Watch
Rs 1099


We hope you’ve got some good gift ideas for Capricorns after reading this list. Not everyone fits the mould of their zodiac traits, so, even if these personality traits don’t sound like the Capricorns in your life, the products still make excellent gifts. You could always check PropShop24 for a gift that you feel is a better fit for your favourite Capricorn.

What will you gift?

Happy Propping!

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