What better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday than with the “perfect” gift!? If you’re wondering what to get your Gemini friend on their birthday – we’ve got you covered! Geminis are known as the twins, dual-spirited often two faced. They’re usually the most social ones, with a big group of friends and they’re always on the party list.

They also have a keen eye for eclectic pieces and have a unique style of their own. These fun-loving friends are well put together and know exactly what they want. Keeping all these personality traits in mind, we’ve come up with birthday some gift ideas for Gemini, that are under Rs. 1500.

1. Chic Lady

Your Gemini friend is probably known as the chic one in the group. That’s because no matter the occasion she’s always well styled with the perfect accessories. So, why not add to her handbag collection with this chic mint sling bag. It has multiple compartments for Gemini’s multiple needs – perfect!

Mint Green Sling Bag
Rs. 1199


2. Stack Them!

Mood swings and a constant change of plans – sounds like the Gemini in your life? Well then, give them a gift that can be worn with any outfit and any mood swing! This eclectic mix of bracelets can be worn together or separately – either way it’s the perfect Gemini gift idea.

Eclectic Bracelet Set
Rs. 520


3. Head-to-toe!

You’ll never catch your Gemini friend looking like they’ve missed a day at the salon. They’re always poised and well put together – from their head to their toes! That’s why they’ll adore this Gemini gift idea – Long lasting gel nail polish! This one, called ‘Three Cheers’, has adorable glitter flakes in it!

Three Cheers Gel Nail Polish
Rs. 1250


4. Big Social Plans

Geminis are naturally social and love going to different events and parties. A trusty planner like this one will get help them stay on track! Whether they have back-to-school activities or boardroom meetings, this planner is a perfect gift idea for the gemini lady.

Believe In Magic Planner
Rs. 1350


5. Power Down?

There’s nothing worse than running out of juice on your phone when you’re trying to take the perfect picture at a party! Don’t let that happen to your Gemini friend – keep them powered at all times! This power bank is the size of a credit card, plus it’s fun, useful and just what your social-butterfly Gemini needs!

Card Power Bank
Rs. 659


6. Always Sunny

A pair of sunglasses is a super gift for any personality. Not only are they useful but Far Left, PropShop24’s own brand of sunglasses, has a variety of bold and eclectic styles. We like these oversized ones with the olive-brown ombre effect on the glass. Stylish, just like your Gemini.

Tuscany Brown – Far Left Sunglasses
Rs. 1000


7. Home Decor

A Gemini home, just like their personality is a juxtaposition of different styles. Their eclectic style carries into their homes, that is probably filled with beautiful conversation-starting pieces. That’s why this recycled paper photo frame is the perfect gift idea for Gemini. Extra brownie points, if you put a picture of you both in there.

Recycled Photo Frame
Rs. 1190


8. Detox Challenge

Being super social, Geminis need to find ways to relax and detox. We couldn’t think of anything better than this gift box of detox teas. Geminis are always up for a challenge, and this gift box offers them one in the shape of teabags! The box includes Kashmiri Lavender, Persian Rose and Egyptian Hibiscus teas, that are all part of the 21 days detox challenge.

21 Day Detox Tea Gift Box
Rs. 799


9. Twin Frames?

Crushing on your Gemini friend? Then let this cheeky wall frame drop some hints on your behalf! This wall frame is an ideal gift idea for Gemini people as it elludes to their zodiac’s symbol – the twins. Plus, they can put it up in their bedrooms, to add to its qirky vibe.

Twin Wall Frame
Rs. 480


10. Travel Smart

One half of a Gemini likes to stay put, while the other loves to wander – which to cater to? The traveller of course! These zip-lock travel bags with monstera leaf print are not only trendy but such a great gift for Gemini travellers.

Travel Pouch – Leaf Print
Rs. 199


Well now, those were great gift ideas for Gemini people, if we do say so ourselves! There is a mix of everything, so we’re sure your Gemini friends will enjoy any one of these gifts. If not, head to PropShop24, we add products every week. Browse around, you never know what you’ll discover today!

Happy Propping!

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Feature Image Courtesy Freepik